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Angelina Jolie Stopped Being So Tough With Brad Pitt

After weeks demanding almost impossible, Jolie lowers the tone. And we know who is responsible for it.

So it was for THIS so Angelina Jolie stopped being so tough with Brad Pitt while your divorce. If reaching a divorce agreement is never easy for ordinary people, we do not even want to imagine the work that will give lawyers to take a case such as the separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.The Divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Could Be in Their Final Stretch

And we do not say it just because they have the fortune to share; But because to be world famous celebrities public opinion also has to be happy with the outcome of the litigation. When your profession depends so much on the image that you project to the public, you can not risk being cataloged as the villain or villain of the film.

Angelina Jolie Stopped Being So Tough

That’s just what was happening to Angelina Jolie, who was possibly looking for the best for the six children she shares with Pitt, shewas very hard on how much money the actor had to pay for child support; and very strict in terms of hours and type of custody they should have once they signed the divorce.

For this Angelina hired a lawyer expert in this type of litigation, Laura Wasser, author of this implacable strategy towards Pitt that, curiously, in the eyes of public opinion was turning the actress not into a hero but into a monster. Just read headlines and news appeared in media around the world on this subject to corroborate it.

That is why Angelina, seeing that she was losing the game outside the courts, has reconsidered her position hiring a new lawyer who, more than betting on revenge towards Pitt, is really dedicated to looking for the best for the family full.

This has been confirmed by a publicist of Angelina herself toPeople magazine , the media that advanced the news exclusively. “Angelina has decided to change counsel and has hired Samantha Bley Dejean, the expert in the protection of children,” says the statement sent to this media that ensures that the new lawyer takes less than a month leading the case.

“Angelina appreciates Laura’s cooperation in the case over the past few weeks,” ends, ignoring any praise that Jolie’s right hand has been for most of the process.

This news fits perfectly with the one published just a week ago by another famous online media that claimed that Pitt and Jolie were closer than ever to reach an agreement. That news spoke of Angelina’s surprising change of attitude towards her ex-husband, who was doing everything he could to make the children return to their relationship with their father, something that had not happened for months. Now we know who is responsible for this approach.

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