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Top 5 Curious News on This Week, August 24, 2018

Curious News: Do not miss the most curious, unusual and tender news of the network. Here we leave you the best five!Curious News

Top 5 Curious News

# 1 the Fun “Photobomb” of an Iguana Towards a Tourist

A tourist who enjoyed her vacations in San Juan, Puerto Rico pretended to take a typical photo in front of a sentry box when suddenly an iguana decided to jump to the front and the moment turned into a fun photobomb.

Tammy Ricks, a passionate traveler who visits Puerto Rico, said that while she was preparing to pose for the photo, she saw the iguana. suddenly, It just jumped across her path on its own accord, which surprised her and suddenly the green animal “flew”. The curious iguana took a big leap just when the photographer took the picture.

# 2 Win the Lottery and Give Part of Your Prize to Help Those Affected by the Drought in Australia

A man of 40 years, was one of the seven winners of the first division in the draw of the lottery on Saturday. He raised 622,806.56 dollars for the prizes of division one plus others, which raised his total to 686,599 dollars.

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Farmers in the state of New South Wales, Australia are struggling to keep their land and animals alive as a devastating drought sweeps through the region. The New South Wales government has granted nearly $1 billion in emergency funding — that's about $740 million in U.S. dollars — to help get water and fodder to suffering farms, including in the town of Coonabarabran, pictured here, where the animals are emaciated and the dam has shrunk to 23% of its normal capacity. Visit the link in our bio to see the severe impact of the #drought on family-run farms in #Australia. _ 📷: @_BrookMitchell/Getty Images | #Weather #NewSouthWales #Farm

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The man, who chose to remain anonymous, said he had a certain number of people on his list to share his windfall, but that the farmers were the first on that list. “We were going to make a donation to the drought fund, but now we can increase it and make it more substantial. I think that, if we are blessed with something like this, we should share it, “he said.

The scientific analysis of the extremes of the drought in Australia shows that the current crisis is probably the worst in 400 years.

# 3 Pink Stops the Concert to Console Her Fan

During the show on Tuesday, Pink stopped singing after a sign called his attention. In the middle of his concert, Pink walked towards the audience to console a teenager who lost her mother recently.

“My name is Leah, I’m 14 years old. I lost my beautiful mom last month. I would LOVE a hug, “said the sign. The youngest had been holding a sign, hoping to get the singer’s attention. With the help of the assistants, he succeeded.

# 4 The Emotional Photograph of a Baby With More Than 1600 Needles

This image shows a couple’s four-year struggle to conceive the baby of their dreams. The little one is wrapped in fabrics with the colors of the rainbow and in the middle of two hearts.
A heart is made up of the needles that his mother, Patricia, used for anticoagulant treatments, and the other is made up of the syringes he used for IVF injections.

The couple’s fertilization treatment in London lasted 4 years and included 3 spontaneous abortions and 1616 injections. So this image means struggle, hope, and love and will continue to conquer the hearts of Internet users.

# 5 A Gigantic Apocalyptic Cloud Forms Over Walmart

Maranda Marie Benefield filmed the video when she left the Walmart in Anna, Illinois, on the 7th of August. The meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman, says that this incredible video clip is the beginning of the formation of a storm cloud, which usually forms close to the ground and rises too much higher heights.

These clouds usually produce intense rainfall and thunderstorms, especially when they are fully developed.


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