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Fc Barcelona vs Valladolid Live Streaming Highlights & Tv Guide

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Fc Barcelona vs Valladolid Live Streaming Highlights & Tv Guide: The Frenchman decided a game that was played on a frightening pitch. The equalizer of Valladolid was canceled, after being checked by the VAR, in the 92 ‘.Barcelona Vs Valladolid Highlights

Fc Barcelona vs Valladolid Live Streaming Highlights & Tv Guide

Barcelona Vs Valladolid Highlights: The first garden of the VAR in this League was lived in the jungle of Nuevo Zorrilla, an ice rink on moss in which it was more complicated to stay vertical than to direct a ball. Barça won by 0-1 with a goal from Dembélé in which the video arbitration proved that the ball provided by Sergi Roberto for the French goal had not come out and when it seemed that the game was the Barça players, the final arreón of a Valladolid honorable crashed before the examination of the play in the cutting room. Keko’s goal in the 93 that would have been worth the draw was finally out of play by centimeters. Mateu Lahoz, from the remote screen, dictated the sentence and the Barca took three disputed points.

It is difficult to make a football analysis of a game that was played on an absolutely shameful surface and that leaves the supposed best World League at the height of the bitumen. Like Zorrilla’s match was the ideal to play in the United States, because from the beginning more than a football match, what happened in Valladolid seemed a test of a television contest in which it is difficult to balance the contenders. The closest thing to climbing a soaped pole was the supposed encounter that staged the return of the historic Valladolid to the elite against Barcelona.

As the grass was raised and the ball bounced as if it were the ball that the Nivea helicopters launched years ago on the Spanish beaches, Barça tried to establish its dominance by percussion, being very clear that the closer they lived to the area of Masip, more options would have that the minefield will favor them.

By virtue of this idea, Valverde’s team besieged the locals with corner kicks and Dembélé tried to open the game for his band, haggling in the same action with the defenses from Valladolid, David the Gnome and a couple of rabbits that appeared in the less expected moment. But none of its centers found auctioneer. Suarez is still in the shooting phase and that is not the fault of the state of the pitch.

The French end and Coutinho were the only ones who seemed to understand that before the moss that kept them in an unstable equilibrium, it was best to shoot from afar, but there Masip was great in his specialty, which is the speed between sticks.

The Valladolid, on the other hand, expected the losses of Blaugrana ball to leave to the against, but with little effectiveness. Ter Stegen thwarted a shot by Unal at the beginning and from there, Barça tried to beat a Valladolid who did not get nervous.

The first part offered the game orientation change. The Barca happened to attack in the zone of the field that more seemed to what demands LaLiga and the Barça defended the chard orchard where the Valladolid resisted to the culés.

In the second, Valverde changed the game system to 4-4-2 putting Dembélé on the right and the first ball that the Frenchman chased went to the cage after a pitiful center of Suárez that Sergi Roberto saved.

From then on, Barça was entrusted and Valladolid went up to the beards, but the goal for which the locals worked and that Keko scored was canceled, after appreciation of the assistant and VAR check, in the discount.

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Barcelona Vs Valladolid Highlights

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