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The Police Arrested Batman Because He Wanted a Picture With Him

Police Arrested BatmanPolice Arrested Batman: Not every day you see your favorite heroes near your neighborhood, earlier this week, Canadians were surprised when they ran into Batman. In a viral video, I could see the gentleman of the night coming out of his Batmobile when being stopped by the police.

But what was his crime?

Batman of Ontario was arrested for a simple reason; the officer just wanted to take a picture with him.

The agent spoke about it and only had good words for the real-life Batman “How good is Batman and what an impressive car he has. “It was very interesting to talk with this man, but the most important thing is that Batman drove less than 80 km / h in an area of 80 km / h. It looks like a pretty fast car, but it drove sensibly.

“I just had to take that opportunity to stop him and thank him on behalf of all of us in Norfolk County.”

His name is Stephen Lawrence and he is one of the best imitators that has built and designed his own Batmobile and a suit exactly the same. He visits Comic-Con events and visits sick children.


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