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The US Warns Russia Will Not Tolerate Interference in Legislative Elections

The meeting between the heads of security was agreed by the Russian presidents, Vladimir Putin, and American, Donald Trump, during the meeting held in mid-July in Helsinki.

Legislative Elections
Trump and Putin shake hands after concluding a press conference in Helsinki.

Legislative Elections: Senior officials of the security of the United States and Russia met today to try to defuse the climate of mistrust that reigns between the two countries, but with the warning from Washington that it will not tolerate any interference in its legislative elections next November.

The US Warns Russia Will Not Tolerate

For this, the White House national security adviser, John Bolton, met for five hours in Geneva with his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian Security Council.

Bolton said he told Patrushev: “We are not going to tolerate interference in 2018 and we are prepared to take all the necessary steps to avoid it.”

These accusations of alleged Russian interference go back to the 2016 presidential elections, with the last episode that occurred earlier this month, when the US State Department again accused Russia of trying to influence the course in its electoral processes.

This after Facebook identified an alleged disinformation campaign to influence the legislative and close 32 accounts, both in their social network and on Instagram.

Bolton said that in general, in the meeting with his Russian counterpart there was “considerable progress”.

However, he acknowledged that disagreements also arose, such as the need to mention the alleged interference in the elections in a joint statement that was expected to be issued at the end of the meeting.

As Patrushev did not see the need to include this issue because Moscow denies any involvement, the statement was finally not issued and Bolton decided to answer some questions from the press.

On the other hand, both addressed the resumption of US sanctions against Iran and the presence of Iranian military forces in Syria, where they collaborate with the Syrian regime.

“The sanctions are coming back, this is clear,” said Bolton, who explained that the objective of the United States’ unilateral exit from the nuclear agreement that six powers had signed with Tehran was “to put maximum pressure on the regime.”

He said that the initial idea was to raise the sanctions against Iran again “at least at the level of 2015 (when the nuclear agreement was signed),” but in reality we are reinforcing them, expanding them and making them more effective “.

On the role of Iran in Syria, Bolton indicated that he discussed with Pátrushev on the various ways in which the total withdrawal of his forces from Syria and his return to Iranian soil can be achieved, but indicated that a common position was not reached in this theme.

Speaking to the Russian press, Patrushev mentioned that he agreed with Bolton to resume contacts that had been suspended through the channels of the Ministry of Defense, Chiefs of Staff and other contact groups.

He also stressed that at the meeting there were no accusations, but a constructive atmosphere prevailed despite the divergences in a series of issues.

Both parties – he added – exchanged proposals that will be studied mutually.

A spokesman for Bolton said that no date was agreed for a future meeting between the two national security officials.

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