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The Best 10 Fun Things to Do with Grandma Grandparents 2018

Fun Things to Do with Grandma

Fun Things to Do with Grandma: Love, patience, time to dedicate to grandchildren … Grandparents are great playmates. We propose some Grandparents day activities to share with them in this Grandparents Day 2018 and take advantage of all their knowledge.

Fun Things to Do with Grandma Grandparents
Fun Things to Do with Grandma Grandparents

1. Browse Photo albums:

Nobody like them knows the history of the family and nothing like a photo album to awaken memories and tear endless stories.

2. Make Desserts: 

Cookies, floating islands, puddings … all the grandmothers have some secret recipe of delicious desserts.

3. Tell Dad’s Antics:

“Grandpa, tell me about daddy’s antics as a kid.” There is no resistance to this request.

4. Teach Grandchildren Rhymes and lifelong Songs:

 Tongues, riddles, rhymes, lullabies … belong to the popular culture and seduce all generations.

5. Dad and mom Before my Arrival:

Children have a hard time understanding that there was a before and after their birth. Discovering how their parents met is an event.

6. Tell Stories:

 Grandparents are inexhaustible sources of invented stories or not.

7. Plant:

Putting vegetables in a moistened cotton to germinate, plant seeds in a pot, make cuttings of geraniums … are activities that require patience and sense of observation.

8. Learn to Sew and knit:

Make a scarf for the doll, write your name in cross-stitch or stick a button, only a grandmother can teach it.

9. Play Parchis, the Domain, the cards:

With infinite patience, grandparents will teach grandchildren the secrets of rule games.

10. Operating the Computer:

Who will teach whom? It does not matter while you spend time together sharing and enjoying.

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