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Sophie Turner’s Explanation of Her Tears Is More Necessary Than You Imagine

Yesterday appeared photos of the actress crying inconsolably while walking in New York with her fiance Joe Jonas. Today we finally know what happened.

Whether or not it’s a joke, Sophie Turner’s explanation of her tears in public is more necessary than you imagine. All the actors that have participated in the last season of Game of Thrones have said the same thing: they finished the film crying and we better go buy scarves because when the last episodes are released next year we will end up like them.

Sophie Turner's Explanation of Her Tears
Is it possible that Sophie Turner looks better than blond Daenerys that Emilia Clarke?

But of course, it’s one thing to drop a few tears on the set because you put an end to a trip of several years; and quite another to be photographed doing it in broad daylight while your partner tries to comfort you. In that case, the fans’ concern is real.

That they say it if not to the poor Sophie Turner, who has received many messages through social networks in which he asked what happened to him after they came to light some photos where the young actress, who plays Sansa Stark, appeared crying inconsolably while taking a walk through New York with her fiance Joe Jonas.

Some images were taken on the same day that the singer was celebrating his 29th birthday, so in theory, the mood of the British should be radically opposed to sadness. What would have happened to burst out crying like that on the street? Had I received any horrible news? Or would his wedding be in danger because of some argument with Joe? In the absence of an official explanation, any theory thrown on the air by his followers was valid.

Perhaps it was because of that, to avoid unnecessary speculation to which the tabloid press was giving a loudspeaker, so Sophie herself has just clarified in her official Twitter profile what was happening when those photos were taken: she was suffering a terrible pain menstrual.

Sophie Turner’s Explanation of Her Tears

“I’m going away!” Wrote the actress in a message in which she shared the news that echoed the photos with the following headline: “Joe Jonas consoles Sophie Turner in New York on her birthday.” “Thank God I have a wonderful fiance. The rules can be very p *** s, “he concluded.

Nothing else to publish this message, his followers have been sent to answer is divided into two great groups: those that were glad because it was well; and those who asked her to make humor with something as serious as menstrual pain. And the truth is that in the absence of an emoticon that clarifies the meaning of the phrase is not very clear if it is real or a joke.

But in either case there would be no room to get angry: the simple fact that a famous woman speaks so naturally, even in a funny tone, or something that is still taboo for many women (or rather for many men who are shocked) just by listening to it) should always be received with joy. Or how many years have they had to spend so that we can read in magazines or hear the word ‘rule’ on television and not cheap euphemisms such as ‘one of those days’?

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