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The Former UN Secretary-general and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kofi Annan Dies at Age 80

Born in Ghana in 1938, Annan has died in Bern after a brief illness

 Kofi Annan Dies
Kofi Annan, The Former UN Secretary-general and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Kofi Annan Dies: Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan  (Kumasi, Ghana, 1938), who held the post between 1997 and 2006, died this Saturday in Bern at the age of 80, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). a tweet “Today we regret the loss of a leader, a leader and a visionary: former UN Secretary-General, a life well lived, a life worthy of celebration,” wrote this body. Annan won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 “for his work for a better organized and more peaceful world”. In 2012 he was also awarded the Confucius Peace Prize for “his enormous contribution to the reform and resurgence of the United Nations and as a special envoy of the UN and the Arab League in Syria”.

The family of Kofi Annan and his foundation have also confirmed his death. “He died in peace this Saturday, August 18 after a brief illness,” they explain in a tweet from Annan’s official account, in which they attach a statement lamenting his loss. The Ghanaian diplomat, confirmed the family, fell ill when he returned from South Africa after attending the commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of the South African leader Nelson Mandela. Annan was hospitalized in Geneva and then flown to a medical center in the capital, Bern, where he died.

“His wife Nane and his children Ama, Kojo and Nina were accompanying him in recent days,” said the statement, which also says that the Nobel laureate was “a deeply committed internationalist who fought throughout his life for a more just and peaceful world ” The family has also requested privacy in this moment of mourning.

Annan ascended from a humble beginning to the general secretariat of the UN. His biggest failure at the head of this body, as he himself acknowledged, was failing to stop the war in Iraq, and asked during his farewell press conference held at the headquarters of the organization in New York. only be judged by the scandal ” Oil by Food “in this country, a fraud that involved at least 2,400 companies in the illegal payment of commissions and bribes to the environment of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein while eluding United Nations controls. The program, which began in December 1996 and ended in 2003, was born as the most ambitious operation launched in the 60 years of existence of the UN. The aid plan included assistance to the Iraqi population with food and medicine in the years of the economic embargo against the regime of Saddam Hussein. In this way, $ 64.2 billion worth of oil was allowed to come out of Iraq and $ 34.5 billion dollars into that country. But the program became a source of extra income for Saddam Hussein’s environment, of which it is calculated that it charged 1,800 million dollars in bribes and commissions.

Annan said he had done everything possible to stop the war in Iraq and that despite being the worst of the failures should not overshadow other achievements such as the UN’s efforts in favor of human rights, the fight against inequality, in favor of development, whose maximum exponent is the Millennium Development Goals. The former secretary general expressed his wish that his mandate be remembered as that of the fight against the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean and the earthquake in Kashmir, among others.

In addition to the war in Iraq, Annan said on several occasions that the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad in August 2003, in which the special envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello lost his life, was another of the worst moments lived in the Secretary. He remained active until his last days, leading the delegation of the NGO The Elders, founded by Nelson Mandela, who visited Zimbabwe during the electoral process at the end of July.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has lamented the death of Annan, who said that his legacy will always be an inspiration for all. “In these turbulent times, Annan never stopped working to keep alive the values of the United Nations Charter, his legacy will always be an inspiration for all,” Guterres said in a statement. The Portuguese leader added that “he was a reference and a guide”: “In many ways, he was the United Nations”. Also, the Spanish president, Pedro Sanchez, has regretted his loss in a tweet: “Today we lose a great humanist, Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the #ONU and Nobel Peace Prize, leaves us his legacy to continue working in favor of peace,

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