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The Best Travel Insurance Outside Europe – [of 2019]

Travel Insurance Outside Europe: When you travel abroad, especially outside Europe, where you can not count on the European healthcare, it is essential to take out good travel insurance, to be covered before any unforeseen health that you may have and thus avoid the high medical expenses that can suppose any emergency.

Best Travel Insurance
Best Travel Insurance

The best travel insurance without excess, to cover any medical expenses

The Best Travel Insurance Outside Europe

And while trips to Europe, for the price you have insurance here I’ll introduce you, are worth, because these travel insurance not only will cover possible medical expenses, but also other emergencies that can always arise, as you lose your luggage , you have to return early due to the death of a family member and many other things that cover this type of insurance.

The ones I’m going to put here, you can set them up for as long as you want and they usually do not cost you more than € 60 per month. Believe me that it is worth it, in the end, I have ALWAYS amortized them and they can save your life.

There are countries, where although you are dying, they do not intervene until they have a guarantee of payment. It may sound hard and incredible, but that’s the way it is.

Virtually anywhere in Asia or America, you can bite a mosquito with dengue or malaria, for which you can be admitted for up to 10 days in a hospital, something that could mean more than € 5,000 in unforeseen expenses and can mortgage your plans futures.

Best Travel Insurance
Best Travel Insurance

In addition, by taking out travel insurance, you can always benefit from the end, because there are also many that compensate you, and very well because you have a delayed flight because you lost your suitcase or lost or stolen your mobile.

So for all this, here I have compiled the 3 best travel insurance cheap and with the excellent coverage, I have found.

And without franchises! Be careful with that, very important, in the end, I explain why.

IATI Insurance

Best Travel Insurance
Best Travel Insurance

One of the most famous, specialized and exclusively designed to travel.

It is the one most recommended by travel bloggers and in my opinion one of the best, especially for the customer service, they offer (they pay you for calls you have to make from abroad).

It is very cheap, easy to configure for the time you want to travel and has very good coverages.

The most basic (only for trips of less than 30 days), covers any medical expenses up to € 30,000, and costs around € 70 a month.

The standard IATI is only worth about € 9 more per month, you can contract for several days or more than 30 and already covers up to € 80,000 in medical expenses.


Another of my favorites and the last one I have hired for my trip to Asia.

In fact, it is an insurance search engine that presents you with several options in a very clear way, so that you can easily decide.

The good thing about this, in front of IATI, is that you know from the beginning who you are hiring insurance with and they have more or less the same prices and coverages.

And it also has a very useful thing and that is why this time I decided to count on them. They have a medical consultation service by WhatsApp, 24 hours a day, with a Spanish doctor.

Best Travel Insurance Europe
Best Travel Insurance

The best thing is that you put the details of your trip with both of them and already compare which one you like the most.

N26 Black Card

And finally I leave my favorite option,  hire a N26 Black card , which comes out for only € 9.90 per month and in addition to all the advantages it has, how to get money without commissions in any ATM in the world , also includes your travel insurance that covers up to € 150,000 in medical expenses .

For price and coverage, none of the two previous insurances comes close to what the travel insurance that includes this card offers you.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it covers you for the first 90 days since you leave your place of residence. If you then go back and start another trip to another country, it also covers another 90 days.

Taking into account that the minimum contract of this card is 12 months and that it has a price of € 9.90 / month, you would only pay € 118.80 for enjoying all its advantages and your travel insurance for a whole year ( for trips not exceeding 90 days).

Best Travel Insurance Outside Europe
Best Travel Insurance

Information about the N26 Black card.

Beware of the franchises!

Very important to see that the insurance you hire is not franchised since, in the end, these are the most expensive you can get. Quiet that of those that I have put here, none has a franchise. If it tells you that you have a € 200 franchise, it means that up to € 200 you would have to pay for it and the rest you are covered.

With only one emergency that you have, it is cheaper for you to hire one that does not have a franchise.

The conditions described here may change at any time, so it is always advisable to consult directly with the suppliers mentioned.

If you know of any other travel insurance, which you think is better than any of the ones I detail here, leave it in comments and so I also look at putting it.

Travel Insurance Outside Europe
Best Travel Insurance

You can also ask me any questions you have since I have enough experience using this type of travel insurance abroad.

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