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The best Travel Insurance for New York

The Best Travel Insurance for New York: After talking about everything you have to see in New York, I could not miss a post like this. Most likely, if you are here, it is because you already have a very clear idea of your next destination and now it is time for us to talk about the best travel insurance for New York.

Well, we ALWAYS use IATI, so it is certainly the one that we are going to recommend you. And not only for New York but as travel insurance for the United States in general.

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

It is super usual to have doubts when choosing a travel insurance for the United States, so in his day we wrote this post about the reasons why you should always travel with travel insurance, and that is why we are writing this other article in which we will tell you everything you need to know about the perfect travel insurance for New York  and whether you need it or not to embark on your adventure through the city that never sleeps.

Do I need travel insurance for New York?

If we have learned something traveling, it is that trying to save in some aspects of your travel budget, such as health, can be very expensive. Much more in this case, in which a little medical nonsense can cost you a fortune. The United States is one of those countries in the world where health is expensive, so simple appendicitis or a broken ankle can be an economic drama.

Therefore, our advice is that you choose the best travel insurance for New York, since something that seemed silly can turn into something serious and ruin your vacation budget. A good medical insurance is essential if you are traveling to New York or the United States.

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

Examples of the cost of health care in the US if you do not have health insurance:

  • An appendicitis operation costs between USD 24,000 and USD 30,000, not including hospitalization and drugs.
  • If you hit your head, you faint and they have to take you to the hospital, it will cost you between 9,000 and 12,000 USD(assuming it will only be a minor trauma).
  • Spending one day in a hospital in the US costs an average of about 5,000 USD.
  • A blood test can cost 700 USD.
  • The cost of the drugs you will have to take if you are sick is three times more expensive in the US than in Your Country.

As you can see, good medical insurance to travel to New York is essential. You have already been able to get an idea of how risky and irresponsible it is to travel without a travel medical insurance that covers any problem you may have. Because IATI travel insurance in the United States does not only cover medical problems.

Problems that you may have during your trip and that a medical insurance for New York can solve you

  • Diseases or accidents

It is clear that nothing has to happen to you, but you never know when you are going to sprain or when you are going to have gastroenteritis. Things that normally do not involve anything when you are at home, when you are traveling, you can ruin your vacations.

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York
  • Robberies and crimes

The United States is not an exception to this type of situation, especially in the larger cities. In fact, they say that Saint Louis, for example, is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. No matter how careful we are, these things can happen to us at any time without us noticing.

  • Losing your mobile, computer or camera

During your adventure in New York you will go from one place to another and you will be continuously entering and leaving the subway and the bus, so all that hustle and haste to arrive on time to see everything can make you forget any of your bags or backpacks  or they may cause you to lose your camera or mobile phone.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance for New York?

It’s a fact, we love the United States and we always have an opportunity, and something that we have very clear after buying the plane tickets is to hire our travel medical insurance for the United States. But not any insurance. We hire the best and the cheapest.

The world of insurers is usually a torment because there are so many types of insurance and coverage that it is impossible to know which one suits what we need or are looking for. We no longer have that problem, since 2016 we use what is for us the best medical insurance for New York and the United States in general.

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

IATI Seguros is the best insurer if you want to travel to the United States and visit New York, as they have packs that seem to be tailor-made for this type of travel.

Why buy travel insurance for New York with IATI?

Surely you’re wondering why we recommend IATI insurance and not others. Well, these are our three main reasons :

Attention in Your Country

It is quite terrible to be sick during a trip, to have to be worried about being understood. Even if you handle yourself with English, in those moments you want everything to be easy and maybe describe what your problem is much easier in your native language. At IATI they will attend you in Your Country.Travel Insurance for New York

Value for money, it’s the cheapest insurance

Being totally covered when you travel does not always have to cost a million. The idea is to find travel insurance for New York that is cheap but also covers all the contingencies that may occur during the trip. And that’s where they are experts in IATI.

If we simulate the price of IATI travel insurance for the United States, this is what we get:

  • Travel insurance IATI ESTRELLA + Cancellation for a week in New York: Between 50 and 60 euros. 

You do not have to advance money

This is one of the things that undoubtedly make the IATI Star insurance the best travel insurance option. The cheapest insurance that you will find the market, have the problem that if something happens to you, you will have to advance the money you need to cover medical or other expenses and then they will return it. With IATI it is not like that.

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

If you call your 24-Hour Permanent Care Operative Center to provide medical assistance (you will find the number in your insurance policy), you will not have to advance the payment of medical expenses since they take care of everything.

How to hire the cheapest travel insurance for New York

Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

If you have arrived here it is because you are clear that you want to hire your travel insurance with IATI … GREAT! Because you will also be able to enjoy a discount for being a reader of Comiviajeros so that you can save more on your insurance and you can spend it on eating burgers and ribs. To do this, we will explain step by step how you should do to benefit from the discount on your travel insurance for New York easily:

  1. Access IATI from this link to receive a 5% discount.
  2. Complete the form data and calculate your budget to know how much travel insurance will cost depending on the days you are going to spend visiting New York.
  3. Select the type of travel insurance for New York that is best suited to your needs (we recommend the IATI Star + Cancellation Insurance).
  4. ill in all your personal data.
  5. Choose the payment method and accept the conditions to complete the process of your insurance for New York.
  6. Fill in the payment information and click on the ‘Pay’ button.
  7. Check your email because you will receive a confirmation message with the purchase and then the policy and all the information related to your travel insurance.
Travel Insurance for New York
Travel Insurance for New York

If you have more questions about the organization of your trip to New York, in addition to the best travel insurance, do not hesitate to visit our facebook group about New York where a lot of travelers from around the world tell their experiences and help to those who are organizing their trip.

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