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Rosh Hashanah Songs | ROSH HASHANAH SONGS & DANCES – Hebrew Songs | Rosh Hashanah Audio/Video

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Rosh Hashanah Songs: ROSH HASHANAH SONGS & DANCES – Hebrew Songs | Rosh Hashanah Audio/Video.

Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה‎‎ ) is the Jewish New Year. Every New Year party needs its own list of music and a playlist to go along with it. But Rosh Hashanah music differs slightly differently from your traditional new year’s music. The biblical name for Rosh Hashanah is Yom Teruah which translates into the Feast of Trumpets. It is also called the day of shouting or blasting.

Rosh Hashanah Songs

According to the orthodox theology, it is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve and the first day of the epiphany when they realized of the existence of an omnipotent God. One of the most adored customs of Rosh Hashanah eve is the blowing of the shofar, made out of a Ram’s horn, creating God’s own music.

The Hebrew Bible asks of the Jews to “Raise some noise” on Yom Teruah to awaken the listeners form their deep slumbers so that they can repent their sins before the day of Judgment and get included in one’s judged by the book of Life. The shofar is blown in long, short and staccato blasts that follow a set sequence:
  • Teki’ah (long sound) Numbers 10:3;
  • Shevarim (3 broken sounds) Numbers 10:5;
  • Teru’ah (9 short sounds) Numbers 10:9;
  • Teki’ah Gedolah (very long sound) Exodus 19:16,19;
  • Shevarim Teru’ah (3 broken sounds followed by 9 short sounds).
The shofar is blown more than 100 times during the day during the Rosh Hashanah prayers.
Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown during the first week of October this year and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, follows 10 days later. After years of praying for repentance and then rejoicing the judgment, one realizes the importance of the music and the deep-seated meaning and origins of the music played during the high holy days of Rosh Hashanah.
Even the prayers sung during Rosh Hashanah have their own musical inclination. To appreciate them, one must listen to the melodious version of Avinu Malkeinu by Barbra Streisand. The prayer translates to ‘Our father, our king’ which is a prayer asking for forgiveness and blessing.
Here is a compilation of all the songs that you can play to compliment your Jewish New Year party. Check out the Rosh Hashanah Songs playlist-
  • Lishmo’a el Harina (refrain)
  • Leyv Tahor
  • Hashiveinu
  • Achat Shaalti
  • 8Avinu Malkeinu
  • Festival Candle Blessing
  • Olam Chesed Yibaneh
  • Shehecheyanu (High Holidays)
  • Bar’chu (High Holidays – Evening)
  • Bar’chu (High Holidays – Morning)
  • Sh’ma (High Holidays)
  • Mi Chamochah (High Holidays – Evening)
  • Chatzi Kaddish (Congregational Response)
  • Zochreynu (Modzitz Chassidim)
  • Mi Chamocha Ba’al Gevurot (Modzitz Chassidim)
  • B’rosh Hashanah (refrain)
  • Ut’shuvah (Lewandowski)
  • K’dushah (Lewandowski)
  • Hashiveinu
  • Avinu Malkeynu
  • Adonai, Adonai (Janowski)
  • Areshet S’fateynu
  • Hal’lu (based on a Sufi melody)
  • Adon Olam (Spanish-Portugese melody)
  • Music for Yom Kippur:
  • Candle Blessing for Yom Kippur
  • Or Zarua (Chassidic)
  • Zochreinu (Goldfarb)
  • V’al Kulam
  • Adonai, Adonai (Leon Sher)
  • Hayom Teamtzeynu (folk)

Here is another version of Rosh Hashanah Songs Music playlist:

  • Shana Tova  – The traditional New Year Song
  • Bashanah Haba’ah / Next Year
  • Bif’rosh Chageinu / During our Festivals
  • Hakayitz Avar / The Summer Passed
  • Hashana Inshalla – This Year with God’s Help
  • Hineh Shanah Overet / A Year Passes
  • Kol Shanah / Every Year
  • Matanah LeRosh Hashanah
  • Shir Lechodesh Tishrei / Song for the month of Tishrei
  • Tichlah Shanah Ve’anachatah / Year-end and its Sign
  • Kol Yom Matchila Shana / Every Day a New Year Begins
  • Shanah Tova (2) / Good Year
  • Shanah Tova (3) / Good Year
But what good is music if you don’t dance along with it. If the playlists put up above sound way too pious to dance along with. Here are some hip and pop numbers that you can tap your feet to.
The playlist includes some Rosh Hashanah Songs that has inspired pop music stars to make their own cover version of it.

1)”Apples and Honey Are Good,” Erez Cohen Music- Rosh Hashanah Songs Edition

We all love our apples dipped in honey and caramel to feast upon Rosh Hashanah. Now feast your ears to some apples and honey are good, inspired from Andy Grammer’s “Nah Nah, Honey I am good.” You can support Indie Jewish Songs by become a Patron or just a subscription would make the day.

2)”Get Clarity: Aish.com’s Rosh Hashanah Songs Video,” AishVideo

If you want to shake your feet, play along to this peppy dance number and enjoy some crazy dance moves

3) “Shana Tova,” Six13

“Can’t Hold Us.”-Has been the inspiration for these rocking beats.

4) ”Book of Good Life,” The Maccabeats

The Maccabeats- the best of the best, bring your this melody as smooth as silk and as sweet as honey.

5) “Soul Bigger (The Rosh Hashanah Song),” Jewish New Year Music

This one has drawn its inspiration from the 2005 hit song, Gold Digger. Rock your moves to these funky grooves.
If you have kids coming to your Rosh Hashanah party, then here is something that you can play to them performing their little numbers on-
  • BeRosh Hashanah – Kids line dance
  • Kol Shana
  • Matana Lerosh Hashanah – Kids line dance
  • Shana Tova – Kids
  • Nirkod Kulanu – Shana Tova  – Circle dance
What other music resonates to you during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. Have a great and sweet year ahead and keep dancing like no one is watching!
Shana Tova  !!!

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