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Diego Costa Is Back | Super Cup Europe 2018| Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Highlights

Atletico came up in extra time and won the Super Cup to Madrid. Doublet of Diego Costa and volley for the history of Saul. Madrid started and ended badly.Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Highlights

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Highlights: All European derbies between Madrid and Atletico are long, agonizing, extenuating dramas, stretched to the extension or beyond, a stress test for soccer players.And all had won the Madrid minus the Tallin, which was and came, but decided Saul with a volley for the memory and a pass to the network of Koke. From Estonia he becomes king of kings and overcomes a historical trauma, the last frontier of Simeone. And put Madrid in a period of reflection on its market silliness.

If Coral pretends to be Madrid to hide his orphan’s Christianity, it was the mistake that made him enter the match with a bell : a long send by Godín was won by Diego Costa over a relaxed Sergio Ramos, Varane was not He did not wait and Keylor swallowed his violent right hand from the Spanish-Brazilian. It happened at 49 seconds. A perfect start for Atlético, which has more goals than anyone else.

But it was a goal that did not clarify this game, because the first good plan of Atletico, with Saul on Kroos to play blind Madrid, sold out soon. Marcelo, as many times, was getting Madrid in the game. Thus began to set in motion the possessiómetro and Lopetegui added the unpredictability of the permanent positional change of his quartet of violins. Isco, Bale, Benzema and Asensio were waving the hornet’s nest, tiring an Atletico who does not have poetry or pursue it. The initial goal led him to a consensual captivity that condemned Griezmann and Diego Costa. Only Lemar, who offers a good game dynamics, did not submit. And Bale ended up acting as a galactic. Now yes, five years later, it is to break into a great figure. In their light were growing Madrid, Asensio and Benzema. Oblak was miraculous in an orienteering heel of the Balearic and then remiss in a sensational send , after sprint, Bale the French head crossed into the net. Without Cristiano, Benzema has been left without a partner and without an alibi. And it seems to assimilate it. This preseason has decided not to forgive the goal, despite the fact that, one more year, the club will not bring the one who squeezes it.

Atlético disappeared without a trace for half an hour and paid for it. Probably less than he deserved, because a right hand from Asensio brushed the post. Shortly before the break he seemed less cuddly, with two good outings from Rodrigo , a full midfielder on whom the team will turn for a while, and some runs from Lemar, although he stayed on the bark. There were no signs of Griezmann. Walk without legs and it shows. And Diego Costa lacked a pinpoint precision in the contras, when Madrid oversized that superiority in the middle minutes of the first half.

Two worse, more cautious, more imprecise teams returned from the break. That began to stop having an owner and a fuss. A game phase with its back to the areas, at the convenience of Atlético. Simeone removed his star, Griezmann, which was insignificant, and Lopetegui put his own, Modric, who also had no fuel.

The penalty and the athletic comeback

Before giving time to anything, Madrid found a free goal by Juanfran’s absurd hand. The lateral braced with Benzema in a corner kick and when they both separated he put his forearm in the referee’s beard to intercept the center. Ramos assumed what once was the exclusive function of Cristiano and put Madrid ahead when he was the furthest away.

Atlético was uphill on a night that started downhill and gave spaces to Bale but also opened new perspectives with Vitolo, to make his attack symmetrical. And as Madrid is also wrong, again reached the tie. To avoid a throw-in Marcelo gave a ball to Juanfran, who improved the speed of Correa and sent him to the Diego Costa network. It had been worked by Atlético, who seemed better in the sprint but could not avoid the extension,a martyrdom in the preseason. Marcelo was able to overcome it in the last breath with a failed volley. Saul’s, in the extra time, instead, was a work of art. Thomas put her in luck after taking the ball from a sleeping Varane. Koke, later, closed the party. Atlético has a title and a project. Lopetegui, several urgent requests.

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