Home Sports Soccer FC Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Live Streaming, Score & Tv Channel List

FC Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Live Streaming, Score & Tv Channel List

FC Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Live Streaming, Score & Tv Channel List: The team of Valverde knocked down Boca Juniors with goals from Malcolm, Messi, and Rafinha and dismissed the testing period with a good face.

FC Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Live Streaming, Score & Tv Channel List

Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Highlights

Barcelona VS Boca Juniors Highlights: The tests in Barcelona are over and the next game will be serious. After beating placidly Boca Juniors 3-0, Valverde set to face on Saturday the first game of the league with the feeling that the second project promises, but are still tender in the coupling of the signings and freshness of the legs. Everything points to the fact that, at least initially, the team that will start the league will look a lot like the one that finished the previous one.

Valverde used the match to try out solutions and to show his interest in the new signings. Among the most relevant tactical tests was the placement of Coutinho out as interior right so he could mix with Messi. Barcelona again played with 4-3-3, which seems to be the drawing with which the Blaugrana team will start most games.

Regarding the new ones, which is mainly what the fans of this type of matches will see, people could go home seeing the first goal in the Malcolm Stadium, which in the Supercopa de Tangier was left out of the announcement. At 18 minutes the Brazilian faced his pair and showed that he does not think twice when he is close to the goalkeeper. His dry shot counted on the collaboration of Andrada, but the end showed a nerve that the Camp Nou will like.

The one who always wants to see is Messi, who while he was on the field was the soul of the team. The Argentinian warned a couple of times, one of them in a free-kick until he scored after a slalom mark of the house in which he took advantage of a bad rejection of the Argentine defense to overcome the goalkeeper with a soft vaseline.

The first part of the match was made to Barcelona, who showed that he is still physically lacking to reach the optimal moment and Boca had chances to close the gap, but Villa hit the post after a loss by Rakitic and the rebound was chased by Nández, whose shot, very weak, could have aborted Umtiti on the goal line.

In the second half, Valverde retired eight players leaving Malcolm on the grass, Munir and, attention, Miranda, which gave them a quarter of an hour more than the rest of the holders.

Among those who came out in the second highlighted the impetus of Rafinha, who was the best of his team in the resumption. The Brazilian lives a preseason of vindication and played with a march more than the rest of his companions. In addition, after a good wall with Suárez, who had just entered the field, scored a great goal after making a hat to the Argentine goalkeeper and finish goal without letting the ball touch the ground. A great goal

The encounter, already totally broken, already derived towards the resolution where the plays of Riqui Puig centered the attention of the public. Now there is no time left for testing. The truly serious begins on Saturday.






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