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Ariana Grande and James Corden Perform ‘Titanic’ Musical Number on ‘Late Late Show’

Please, we need someone to be encouraged to make this a reality.

Ariana Grande and James Corden Perform: When Carl Wilson wrote his brilliant essay Musica de mierda, in which he dismantled the classism and prejudices with which the champions of good taste spoke of pop music, he used Celine Dion and his My Heart Will Go On as an example of a typical song that those who claim to love music love to hate. There was no lack of reason, at that time the Canadian was still considered a kitsch artist that was not worth taking seriously.Ariana Grande and James Corden Perform

Luckily, tastes change. And while it is true that Celine Dion’s claim as an artist has greatly helped her reconversion into an unexpected diva of high fashion thanks to the incredible collection of models she has lately worn on various international catwalks, overshadowing the very same Anna Wintour; Now the time has finally come to be able to say loud and clear that your music likes you without fear of being stoned.

That what was not before now is yes has much to do also with the public admiration that different idols of the millennial public have shown towards Dion. And it’s not about one more outbreak that they release. With the mental cleanliness that gives them live the phenomenon from a distance, that is, without having been intoxicated by what was said then when Titanic was the mass cultural phenomenon par excellence, these young singers prostrate themselves with sincerity before the figure of Celine.

They even come to thank him from the stage for granting them the honor of attending their concerts as a spectator; just as did the Katy Perry own during his tour in Australia in which Dion proved once again that for modern, her.

Although that remains is nothing next to the tribute that Ariana Grande has just given her in the last program aired by James Corden; where it was launched with open arms to play a hypothetical musical Titanic at reinterpreted scenes from the film while singing subjects like Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Steal My Girl of One Direction or Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

A titanic live work (sorry for the joke) that culminated as it had to culminate: with Ariana playing the main theme of the film with which Celine won the Oscar for best song in 1998. If this is not a love for pop culture, let Jack rise up and see it.

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