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What Would Have Happened if There Was No Partition of India?

There has been debate over this topic on the microblogging website Twitter for the past two days. Most people have taken it as a joke, and have fiercely fanned out.

Some Pakistani citizens on Twitter have objected to this question and said that they are happy that the split happened, but the interesting thing is that this topic is also trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

Gwalior’s cherry tweeted that if this had happened then there would be no such fight on Kashmir.

Indian comedian Jaspal Bhatti says that if the partition of India was not there, then the leaders of both sides had joint accounts in Swiss banks.Independence Day Speech

Laila Shabir says that if both the countries were one, then Baba Ramdev and Imran Khan were fighting together to bring back black money.

Ramesh Vats writes that even if this had happened we would still get two silver and four bronze medals in the Olympics.

One person wrote that without the split, Veena Malik and Rakhi Sawant twins would have flown.

According to another comment, if this were the case then Digvijay Singh was calling the ISI agents also an RSS agent.

Gautam Verma writes that if the division was not there, then the ‘Pak-India’ cricket team was the world’s strongest team.

According to Narendra Goyal, if both the countries were not separated, then in terms of population, we would have left China behind.

Pakistani also speak

Ahmed Hassan of Islamabad writes that if the partition was not there, he could meet the film actor Aamir Khan.

Kashif Aziz from Karachi says that if this had not happened then instead of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, the party’s name would be All India Tehreek-e-Insaf.

According to Indian Sundarajan Sampath, if there were no divisions, then Ram Jethmalani was fighting the case for Asif Ali Zardari.

From India, Seema Goswami writes that if this was the case, then General VK Singh would have been deciding on how long the government would run for the day rather than the decision on its age.india-independence-day-card-vector-abstract-flag-background

According to Nidhu, if Laskar Advani was the Chief Minister of Sindh, then Kasab, who was accused of 26/11, was working in a Mumbai hotel.

Nikhil Singh of Mumbai asks, Think and see if Hamid Gul was an Indian citizen.

According to Huzaifah Mohammad of Karachi, if it had been so, the Indians would have been celebrating their independence on August 14. He has also put a hashtag on August 15, black day, on his tweet.

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