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Pakistan Was Free Before India?

Pakistan Was Free Before India: Pakistan celebrates its independence day on August 14, while India one day on August 15.

Even after getting independence on one hand from the British, why do India and Pakistan celebrate Independence Day?

Pakistan Was Free Before India

Pakistan Was Free Before India

Was Pakistan really free before one day?

Pakistan had got independence a day or not? Vusatullah Khan’s blog to tell the truth of Pakistan’s Independence Day

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I will continue to talk about Independence Day, help me in solving the first issue.

Tell me, when you bite a knife with a knife, then do two pieces together or one piece is cut on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday?

You may say that this is a question of madness, but this is a serious problem for me, no laughs, no laugh.

Let’s give an example. All of us know that the whites of India, according to the Indian Independence Act, liberated India and Pakistan in the night between August 14 and 15 in 1947, and the two countries came into existence just after the alarm of 12.

Now if a country was divided into two parts at 12 o’clock, then how did it happen that Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day 14 and India on August 15?Pakistan Was Free Before India

After becoming Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Sahib stayed for 13 months and kept thinking that Pakistan and India were free on the same day at the same time.

Freedom at the same time

Radio Pakistan announces the first congratulatory message in the voice of Jinnah Sahib every year in which he is saying that on the 15th of August, the whole country will be happy.

But these congratulations of Jinnah Sahib are heard every year on August 14 instead of 15.

After the formation of Pakistan, two Independence Day was celebrated on August 15. But as soon as Jinnah’s eyes were closed, who secretly saddled the gaunt of independence for 24 hours?

Since then everything went behind. To date, on August 14, Pakistan is Independence Day. No one asks, does not he ask why bother?

Now it is understandable that why? Jinnah Saheb said that the majority of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, in Pakistan are entitled to equal rights on the new land. Whose din religion is, the government has nothing to do with it.Pakistan Was Free Before India

We said that Buddha has gone wrong when it was to do that, why did Pakistan make it. Then on Jinnah’s Pakistan, we made Pakistan of our comfort.

Jinnah said that the work of the army is to protect only the border and obey the order of the elected government. The army should not have any meaning with politics. We said, what you remember, Jar Jinnah These are first, this second, this is the third and this is the fourth martial law.

New generation difficult

Making a country and talking about it, running it and talking about it Just keep quiet in your church. Now we know and your Pakistan

Today’s Pakistan is in the hands of the generation born after Independence. Which is more educated than its predecessors, better understands the surrounding world, is more developing. But despite this generation, the country is more conservative and insecure as it was on August 14, 1947.

Two days after I became Pakistan, I have kept a photocopy of Don newspaper. The first page on which these commercials were printed – see the performance of Cabaret Dancer in Austrian guests at the Hotel Beach Luxury, in the joy of Independence Day. The place is limited, so bookmark immediately. Tickets for two and a half rupees, drinks are not included.Pakistan Was Free Before India

Today, on the 68th Independence Day, on the occasion of any Urdu or English newspaper such an advertisement, please also print on the 38th page. What is the matter if your freedom of speech is not made in the hands of a gang of creatures?

Often people of countries think about what to do next on Independence Day. We are thinking on our Independence Day that what is going to happen next?

Where did I go from where I came from and went forgotten?

Congratulations to the people of India and Pakistan on 14 and 15 August.

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