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Spain Super Cup Final 2018: Barcelona VS Sevilla Highlights | the Magician of Suspense

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The team of Valverde took the Supercopa after going back to Sevilla to premiere the VAR and with a penalty stopped by Ter Stegen in 89. Dembele great goal.Spain Super Cup Final 2018: Barcelona VS Sevilla Highlights

Spain Super Cup Final 2018: Barcelona VS Sevilla Highlights

Spain Super Cup Final 2018: Barcelona VS Sevilla Highlights, The first title for Barca fell in a final that was presented as historical by the circumstances in which it was played and that ended up being a monument to suspense. Barca won 2-1 after sweating the fat drop and overcome the game to a very good Sevilla that made up the bad image offered in the Cup final and was about to force an extension, bhttps://youtu.be/5PmXrfcPa2Qut Ter Stegen stopped the penalty to Ben YedderSpain Super Cup Final 2018: Barcelona VS Sevilla Highlights

If this is the appetizer of what awaits us from the weekend, we will have a good time. As if it were a morning of kings, we could not wait to open the new gift that brings us the season and eight minutes after a start in which Barcelona dug the ball without lending it to Sevilla, came the opportunity to use the VAR. Busquets lost a ball in a committed area and Sevilla, who had barely smelled the leather until now knew it was now or never. Muriel faced the defense and portrayed Lenglet with a pipe that left Sarabia alone before Ter Stegen. The band assistant raised the flag, but it was made clear from the VAR that the goal was legal. The toy was released and the game was going uphill to Barcelona.

Seen how the invention had worked, Sevilla did not change its initial plan. That led to a clear dominance of Barcelona, who had his lighthouse in Messi to create danger. His connection with Alba, not by sight hundreds of times, seems easy to deactivate for rivals. In addition, Dembélé was very boisterous for his band.

But Barcelona lacked success in the final meters where Suarez showed the lack of training. Little by little, the agreement between Arthur and Messi began to aculeate Seville and a lack a few meters from the front meant the announcement of the goal of the draw for Barca. there are so many goalkeepers from Sevilla who have suffered this same play that sooner or later Vaclik had to meet her. Messi fired, the ball went to the post and the rebound was chased by Piqué to score the equalizer, in a play that also required the suspense to consult the VAR. The difficult thing seemed to be done, but Sevilla could have gone to the break if there was not a save from the home of Ter Stegen who avoided Sarabia’s second. Sevilla made it very clear that he did not give up and the Barça defense, especially Semedo and Lenglet, showed symptoms of fragility.

To give consistency to the game of Barça and avoid those scares Rakitic left by Rafinha at the start of the second half and seven minutes was Coutinho who entered by Arthur. But the result was not as expected by Valverde and the meeting was still open. Machín also played his cards and debuted Andre Silva who replaced him with Muriel.

The party lived on the wire. Vaclik responded with a good save on his second date with a foul on Messi and a shot by Dembélé, while Mudo Vázquez headed to the top of the crossbar for a corner.

The final was on the way to deciding on legs and there, Sevilla seemed more shot. Machín returned to risk and played the letter of Aleix Vidal, who debuted against his former teammates, but it was Dembélé who signed the vindication of the night with a goal from outside the area that was the only way to break the wall of Vaclik 12 minutes to the end. The goal was so incontestable that the VAR was not needed. The Gaul pointed to the figure of the game until Ter Stegen avoided the equalizer by stopping the penalty he had caused.


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