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Top Curious News in Last Week

Ready to continue reading the curious news in Last Week on 10 August 2018: Here he presented you the most curious, unusual and viral news of the week. You can not miss it!Curious News in Last Week on 10 August 2018

# 1 Factory fire Great Britain causes an impressive tornado of fire

The firemen in Great Britain published a video that shows a fire tornado on the industrial village of Albert Village, in Leicestershire (England).

The column of fire rises almost 60 meters and the wind spins the flames and turns them into a tornado. Facebook users, where the video was published, commented that the phenomenon is both fascinating and frightening.

# 2 Lady faints during one of the most memorable moments of the wedding

At first glance, it looks like a classic image of the first kiss. However, what catches the attention, are not the couple, much less the kiss, but a lady of honor lying on the floor. Kevin Kennedy Ryan decided to share with his followers on Twitter the curious photo of his wedding.

Photographer Sean Cook captured the kiss but also captured Kevin’s sister fainted in the background. Logically, everyone ran to see if it was okay. Apparently, the lady had some problems due to the heat she did that day, but she recovered and did not suffer any injury.

The ceremony continued and the newlyweds could give themselves a second “first kiss of love”.

# 3 Child with spina bifida managed to take its first steps

A 2-year-old boy has inspired thousands of people around the world to overcome difficulties. Roman Dinkel, was born with spina bifida, a disease that does not allow the spinal cord to develop properly. Despite the daunting diagnosis, his parents never gave up, they did everything possible so that Roman could walk and fend for himself … and he got it.

Whitney and Adam Dinkel shared a video of Roman taking his first steps with small crutches with his dog Maggie. In the video, Roman proudly tells his dog Maggie: “Look, Maggie, I’m walking, Maggie!”

# 4 A white shark jumps almost a meter and tries to eat a scientist

The team of ‘Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’ that fights for the conservation of the white shark in the Atlantic, captured the video in which one can appreciate the scare that one of the researchers took when a huge shark hit his boat.

The biologist Greg Skomal climbs to the narrow platform with a GoPro attached to a pole, with the intention of submerging the camera to capture images of the shark. In a matter of seconds, the white shark jumps directly with its jaw open beneath its feet, and Skomal runs out of photographs and with a big scare.

# 5 The act of kindness of a driver towards an old man

A bus driver in Las Vegas is praised on social networks after performing an act of kindness towards an old man who showed signs of dehydration.
Mike Blair noticed that the old man had suffered a heat stroke. Then he helped him get on the bus, sat him next to the air conditioner and gave him his bottle of cold water.

The moment was captured by his partner Brent Leabu, who shared it through his Twitter. In addition, his friends held a small party to thank him for the act of generosity.

#6 Viral image that seems to show California burning under a layer of clouds

Many are wondering if this impressive aerial photograph shows California burning under a cloud cover, as some have claimed. However, the clouds are not red because of the fires in California, but because of a sunset and, what’s more, the photograph was not taken in California, but in the Hawaiian sky,

It is simply an image of the sunset reflected in the clouds of the Pacific. The spectacular natural phenomenon was captured by Nathan while on board the C-17 plane. In his Instagram account, he posted the images and a video. Looking at the image carefully, we can see that the clouds are reddened by the setting sun and not by the flames.


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