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10 Weird Chinese Foods You Don’t Dare to Eat | The Rarest Chinese Meals

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Today we bring you a selection of the ten Weird Chinese Foods, in the Asian country, some of these dishes are considered as delicacies. It’s amazing how people change their taste for food when they move from one culture to another.

We hope not to get up your stomach with this selection of the ten rarest Chinese meals.

Ten Weird Chinese Foods You Don’t Dare to Eat

1- Duck Legs.

This dish has nothing to do with lacquered Pekingese duck that we already saw in the Chinese food that the Chinese eat . The legs of ducks are served without leaving anything to the imagination. It takes a lot of courage to sink the tooth into this dish, which is why we have put it in this ranking of the ten rarest Chinese meals.Weird Chinese Foods

2- Balut

If we go to some street restaurant in China and see an egg we might think it may be cooked, but you have to be careful because you can try the Balut. This is an unmade egg, with the fetus and everything inside it. This dish is far from the Spanish stuffed egg.Weird Chinese Foods

3- Fried Grasshoppers.

Who has not hunted a grasshopper when he was small, well, in China as well as hunting them they eat them, yes, after passing it through the fryer. It is served in the same way that in Spain we serve chicken skewers. Would you dare to try this Chinese dish? We do not, that’s why we’ve put him on the list of the ten rarest Chinese meals.Weird Chinese Foods

4- Spiders

Arachnophobia is the irrational fear that people have to spiders, well, this phobia does not seem to exist in China, because in the Asian country they eat them. Another Pinchito for exquisite palates.Weird Chinese Foods

5-  Shonghuadan.

Another meal composed of the egg. By the image they seem to be rotten, nothing is further from reality, these eggs are covered by a special mixture and then buried in a period that goes from 20 to 100 days.Weird Chinese Foods

6- Drunken Shrimp

To prepare this first dish you have to get the shrimp drunk, once they are drunk they are served raw. Due to drunkenness, they stop moving even if they are still alive.Weird Chinese Foods

7- Brains of the Pig.

The preparation of this food is identical to that of the stews, the only difference is that instead of cooking with meat this dish is cooked with pork brain. This is why we have decided to put this food in our ranking of the ten rarest Chinese meals.Weird Chinese Foods

8- Scorpio.

Another dish presented in an identical way to that of the Spanish Moorish Pinchos. The difference is that the animal that gets stuck in the stick is a scorpion, yes, that poisonous animal that can kill. Imagine the danger the cook runs to cook it. This is the only reason why it has entered the ranking of the various website of the ten rarest Chinese meals in the world.Weird Chinese Foods

9- Chinese Bees.

The bite of these bugs can become very annoying, so in China, they have decided to fry them and make them a tasting dish. In the picture, you can see that with a beautiful presentation every dish may seem appetizing, or not?Weird Chinese Foods

10- Penis of Animals.

In Guo Li Zhuang restaurant the star dish is made up of animal penises. The animal penis letter presented by the restaurant is very varied. Some of these animal members are the pig, the donkey, the deer, the horse … Would you try a mixed grill?Weird Chinese Foods

Here ends our ranking of the ten rarest Chinese meals, we hope we have opened your appetite.

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