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[10 Tricks] How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper for New/old Driver

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper: You have to know how to be in the right place at the right time to get the best price.

There are just over 18 million homes and almost 28 million vehicles registered. There is no escape: the car insurance policy appears as a fixed expense in almost every home. Fixed as inevitable, but not immovable. At least it is possible to soften the damage. There are some tricks to save on car insurance.

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper
How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

[10 Tricks] How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

1. Pay attention to the calendar

To get the car insurance renewed, first of all, you have to ask yourself if you want to change a company. For price, discontent or for whatever reason. If the answer is affirmative, you are obliged to cancel your policy at least 30 days in advance. The legislation establishes it as follows:

“The parties may oppose the extension of the contract by means of a written notification to the other party, made at least one month prior to the conclusion of the insurance period in progress when whoever opposes the extension is the policyholder, and two months when the insurer is. ”

2. Cancel the insurance

Even if you do not intend to change the companycancel the insurance. It is a slightly cumbersome procedure, but it is more than likely that they will call you to offer you a better offer.

Keep in mind that if you have been with them for many years you could lose bonuses by doing this. Consult it before, but normally almost everyone benefits.


Do not let yourself be carried away by inertia or sensations, because there are companies that seem cheaper than they are. Compare the prices of several companies: online comparators make it easy for you. Use the comparators: try to put your data in more than one, you can take a pleasant surprise.

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper
How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

4. Procura being a good driver

This point depends on you completely. To pay less for car insurance you must show that the insurer will take the little risk with you. The more files you have for your name (especially if they are speed), the worse. And the more parts appear in your history, worse, obviously.

5. Choose the coverage that suits you

The price of the insurance policy depends on the coverages it offers, which should never be higher than what we need. Definitely, it is not always worthwhile to buy insurance at all risk. As a general recommendation: up to the third year, insurance without excess.

Between the third and the fifth year, insurance with a franchise, and from there the coverages must go down. It may be worthwhile starting from the tenth year to pay only the obligatory third-party insurance, but adding protection for moons, fire and theft do not usually raise the price much. Value it

6. Hire several insurances

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper
How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

Either in your own company or in a new one, ask about the possibility of contracting several policies at the same time. If you also pay for housing insurance, life insurance or health insurance, you will probably get a better rate.

7. No fractions the payment

If you have the possibility to pay at one time, do it: companies usually offer discounts in that circumstance and, on the contrary, the fractioned payments can carry a surcharge. It is not always like this, so check it before.

8. Lying to the company?

As a trick, it may be one of the most widespread, but it is not always recommended. The policies are cheaper when the car sleeps in the garage, when the drivers are married and when the cars do not equip extras. If you declare what is not, you will save something, but you will no longer be covered in part. In case of theft, for example, the compensation will be subtracted from the proportional part that should have been paid.

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper
How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

There are more serious consequences: if there is an undeclared habitual driver or the insurance is placed in the name of another person when the driver is under 26, the company can cancel the contract by declaring false data (without returning the premium).

9. Beware of extras

If this is going to be your first insurance and you have not yet bought the car, keep in mind that the most powerful models with the most extras always pay more for the car insurance.

How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper
How to Make Car Insurance Cheaper

10. Choose a gasoline engine

The fuel of a car is rarely chosen according to the insurance to be hired, but gasoline models pay lower tariffs than diesel.

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