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Immigration Judges Warn That the Government Threatens Its Independence

The National Association of Immigration Judges warned in a note that their independence is being “besieged” as a result of the Department of Justice deciding to remove a judge from a deportation case.

View of the interior of the Internment Center of the Office of Customs and Border Protection, in McAllen, United States

The National Association of Immigration Judges of the US warned today that the actions taken by the Government of Donald Trump against a magistrate threaten the judicial independence of these officials.

The Justice Department’s decision to remove a Philadelphia judge from a case in which he had to decide on the deportation of an immigrant undermines the independence of judges to guarantee fair treatment for the parties involved, the organization said in a statement.

Its president, Ashley Tabaddor, explained in the note that “the decisive independence of the immigration judges is being besieged” and that “if they are allowed to remain (the attacks), the agency can simply market their cases to achieve the result they want. “, according to the statement.

Tabaddor’s words come after the entity filed a formal complaint against the department headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions after he chose to remove the judge from that case, which ended with the deportation of the immigrant.

The association also warned that dozens of cases have also been removed from the file of this magistrate.

According to the entity, the Department of Justice acted on the ability of judges to order their trial schedules according to their priorities, which is one of its main authorities, and to ensure that the conditions suitable for administering Justice are met.

In this sense, they assure that the measure taken by Sessions is due to a mere dissatisfaction with the results of the cases that this magistrate has taken.

The complaint is framed in a context in which President Donald Trump and his Government have acted in different areas to limit irregular immigration.

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