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BSEB 10th Result 2018

BSEB 10th Result 2018 – Bihar Board Class 10th Result 2018: Bihar Board 10th Class Result has been announced, students see their results http://www.bsebssresult.com/bseb/.

Check Bihar 10th Class Results 2018 Here

BSEB 10th Result 2018

Bihar Matric Result 2018: Right from right in 1 hour will be declared Bihar Class 10th result

Bihar Board Class 10th examination results will be uploaded at 4:30 pm on the official website of the Bihar Board this evening. Students will see their results on biharboard.ac.in as soon as the results are disclosed. Prior to this, the Board was going to announce the result of the metric on June 20 but after the news of 42 thousand copia disappeared in a school in Bihar’s Gopalganj area, the Board increased the date of the result. This led to an FIR lodged by Gopalganj’s school Principal and the principal was sent to jail.


  • Bihar Board 10th Class Examination Results Bihar Board Chairman Anand Kishore, Education Minister Krishanandan Prasad Verma and Principal Secretary RK Mahajan will declare this at 4:30 pm in the board office of Patna
  • In the year 2017, about 50 percent of the students passed the Bihar metric examination, this year it is expected that there will be some improvement in the result of Class 10
  • Examination results of Bihar Board Metric will now be uploaded to the official website of the Board in 2 hours.
  • Now the results of the Bihar Board 10th will be announced on the 26th of June ie at 4:30 in the evening, this year metric examinations went from 21 February to 28 February.

Learn about the results of the Bihar Metric examination.

  • Open the board official website biharboard.ac.in 
  • Matric Results 2018 
  • Submit your roll number and other important information by submitting 
  • Your result is on your screen 
  • Whether you want to download or print your result Can take out

Bihar Board 10th Supplementary Results 2018 – Bihar Board 10th Supplementary Results 2018

For the latest BSEB 10th Result 2018 – Bihar Board Class 10th Result 2018 information related to Supplementary Result of Bihar Board Class 10th visit dainik Bhaskar on this page. Soon, examination results of Bihar Board 10th Class Supplementary Examination will be issued.

Here is the answer to every question, do not tenth student of 10th BSEB 10th Result 2018 – Bihar Board Class 10th Result 2018

After a year’s hard work, the students are getting the fruits of that hard work these days. Each state is issuing its own board resolution. If the matter is done by the 10th result of the Bihar Board, then the announcement of the dates has not yet been done. According to someone, the result will be released in the second week of May, according to someone, the result will be announced at the end of May. It is being reported that results of 10th and 12th will be released separately instead of the same day. And after the announcement of the 12th result, the 10th result will be released. That is, the students will have to wait a little further. From the announcement of the date to the selection of the subject, there are many such questions which are increasing the problems of students these days. But there is no need to panic. You will find the answers to all the questions in our report easily.

The Bihar School Examination Committee had conducted the 10th (BSEB) examination from 21 February to 28 February 2018. Those students who had passed Bihar’s BSEB examination were eagerly waiting for their results.

1. Where else check BSEB 10th Result 2018 – Bihar Board Class 10th Result 2018

students will have to go to Bihar Board’s official website biharboard.ac.in to know their results. After which, you will have to go to BSB Class 10th 2018 by clicking on Bihar Board Result 2018. After this you will be asked to fill in the necessary information and you will be able to see your results easily.

2. The future of 17 lakh students will be decided

17,70,042 students took part in this year’s 10th exam. The last time this figure was slightly higher than 15 lakhs. Examination of Bihar Board for Class 10 started from 21st February 2018, which lasted till 28th February. 

3. Where to see

the result of Bihar School Examination Board, first visit the official website biharboard.bih.nic.in. After this, click on BSEB’s Result Notification. After that a new page will open. Put the necessary details here and click submit and now your result will be yours.

4. Preparations of the Bihar School Examination Board 10th Result 2018 are completed! 

Bihar’s BSEB results have been completed and the Bihar Examination Board 10th results are expected to be declared in the last week of June. Students should continue to visit this page of Daily Bhaskar for fresh information.

5. In the

year 2017, 1547,000 students and students participated in the examination, in the year 2017, 1547,000 students and students passed the examination. Last year, the examinations of Bihar’s BSEB started from March 1 and went on March 8 and the result of Bihar BSEB on June 2 Was declared.

6. Who does the exam Examination of

Bihar Vidyalaya Examination Committee 10th (BSEB) in which 172,391 student-students have participated this year and they are all waiting for their results.

7. How to check Bihar BSEB 10th Result 2018

1. Visit the official website of Bihar Board at biharboard.bih.nic.in 
2. Select your class BSEB 10th 
3. Enter your roll number and fill out the remaining form 
4. Please check again the form 1 times before entering. 
5. Click on submit button 
6. Be sure to print out

8.Do not tension .

Your results are not visible on the Bihar Board website. So do not panic, this is a common problem. Sometimes due to technical reasons it happens that many people open a website at the same time and then they become slow. So you can stay awake or go to other websites like biharboard.ac.in and see your results.

9. Result

Bihar Board’s 10th examination may come out in June, the result is likely to be released in the month of June. It is being said that like every year, the results of the 10th will be disclosed only after the 12th result. The result of the 12th result is possible at the end of May, so the 10th result will be released in early June. It is also reported that within the 3 to 4 days of the release of the 12th result, 10th result will be released.   

10. Do not be confused with the confused

students 0 Most importantly, they are not confused with the news related to board board results in the media these days. From many news reports, where students are becoming confused, they are scaring too many newsmen. That’s why do not trust any news by blindly.  


It is unfortunate that the pass percentage of the Bihar School Examination Board i.e. BSEB, ie the pass rate of Tenth is continuously falling from the last two years. In 2016, the result was a huge decline in 2015. In 2015, where 75.15 per cent students passed, only 46.66 per cent students were able to pass in 2016. Something similar happened in 2017. In the year 2017, 50.12 percent of the students were successful in the matriculation examination. Among them, 21.21 percent of students and 28.91 students were included. The same passage of this time is how long it will be possible to know after the release.  

12. The 

education department has become a strict education department after the toppers scam last year. That is why Education Minister Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma has decided that this time the toppers will be verified. 

13. Arrangement for Regulating 

Even if the dates of the 10th meeting of the Bihar Board have not been announced, but the Board has prepared the preparations and arrangements for it. Result official website can be viewed at biharboard.ac.in. Apart from this, special arrangements have been made to save this time from the last year. Prior to the outcome this time the toppers will be verified so that the Bihar board has not suffered a lot like this the previous year. 

14. After passing, after the

release of the option result, the biggest tension will be the stream selection. Arts, Science and Commerce These three options will be open to the students in front of the students. Choose your stream according to your interest and potential and give your best. After the 10th, the selection of the stream is considered to be the first stop for your career, which determines the direction of your career. However, in addition to interest and ability, points found in the 10th also play an important role in stream selection.

15.Topers will be silver silver

released and if you get topper then your silver silver . You will be able to choose the favorite stream based on your interest and capacity. The numbers will not be obstructed in it. 
After 10th, all the options, such as doing diploma or certificate courses, will be in front of you. Which will save you a few years to come. Within three years you will have a standard degree of professional course in your hands.  This course can be easily done with admission in Polytechnic Institute.

16. Do not be disappointed

If you fail in the disappointing 10th exam results, then you are not disappointed or frustrated. If you are not satisfied with the low scores you received, then you can get recharged. You have the option of this. Apart from this, if your focus is not in studies, you are interested in another subject and that is why your numbers are coming down, then select the same subject and put your mind into it. 

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