Personal Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance | Do You Know the Differences?

Commercial Auto Insurance: Today we are going to talk about the differences between a Personal Auto Policy (PAP) and a Commercial Auto Policy (PAC) and to know what type of insurance is right for you.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance

These are the basic definitions of each:

PAP is designed for people who use their cars only for personal effects; used for the round trip from home to work, school, shopping and weekend trips for example.

A PAC, on the other hand, is designed for people who use their cars for commercial and work purposes, whether in the area of construction, cleaning or others.

Personal Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you already have a better idea of what type of insurance you need? Perfect!

Here are some additional points that you should consider before buying a personal car policy:

• Your policy will be designed to meet your needs, and whether you are interested in protection as an individual or as a family, the main intention of the policy is to insure it in case of an accident.
• In order to receive a quote, you are likely to be asked to provide information about the make and model of your car, your main drivers, and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number.
• In the case of an accident, a PAP can assist with the repair of damages, medical fees, civil liability charges, and more.

And now here we leave some additional points that you should keep in mind before buying a commercial auto policy:

• A PAC is designed to protect companies with multiple vehicles and drivers or drivers, offering a wider range of protection than a personal plan.
• The information needed to receive a quote is different from that of a PAP, due to the fact that the number of vehicles and drivers is higher. Your insurance agent in Spanish will help you solve this in your personal consultation.
• The rates of a PAC policy will be higher than those of a PAP because the coverage protects more drivers and offer a greater area of protection.

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