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30 Best Free Plagiarism Checker – Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

Best Free Plagiarism Checker: Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage. If you are using an online plagiarism checker tool, you will be curious to know whether all the tools are the same or not. If they are the same, then why there are plenty of them existing? And if they are not, then how they are different from each other? There are several online plagiarism checker tools available to you online.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

You might be using one or two among these. When you ask whether they all are the same or not, well there are similarities and there are differences as well. Here, we will guide you how these are the same and how they differ from each other.

Why Plagiarism Checker

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Is it necessary to use plagiarism checker

Unintentional plagiarism arises for many factors that can affect students and writers despite their educational and research expertise. Students and writers usually sufferers to delay and deadlines which results in submitting work without enough review. PlagiarismCheckerTool is a fast, easy and free plagiarism detector that can run thorough scans to indicate possible plagiarism in your work.

Carrying out research and mentioning referring sources is an important element of every article, essay, academic paper or research paper. Adding these referring sources can help to support your statements which make your work interesting. Sometimes, students and writers forget to mention their sources and are blamed for plagiarism.  offers a free and fast tool for students and writers to scan their papers for unintentional plagiarism prior to submission. Always scan your work for unintentional cases of plagiarism.

The similarity among Best Free Plagiarism Checker

There is a similarity in all these plagiarism checker tools. It is that they work all in the same manner. When you look at the working of a plagiarism checker, you will find that they work by matching the passages and strings from context to the databases that they have in a library.

The file that you put in the search box and is under question will be broken into pieces and the strings will then be matched with the database that the software possesses. If the match is found, it means that the work is potentially plagiarized. If there is no match, then it means that the work is 100% unique.

The difference between plagiarism detectors

The difference between plagiarism detectors lies in their databases. A lot of them are having the database that is pretty small and is not suitable if you are about to check an article that is to be used at a good site. For example, most of the tools that are available to you for free comes with comparatively smaller databases than ones that are paid. However, some free plagiarism checker tools are also available that come with an enormous library to ensure that the article is completely free of plagiarism.

Are plagiarism checkers easy to deceive

A lot of people are willing to know how they can deceive a plagiarism checker. Most of them think that it is pretty easy to deceive such software. If you are also thinking the same, you must get warned. This software is not easy to beat at all.

You need to do some serious paraphrasing and use your own word power to express the ideas that you have gathered from various sites. In case you fail in paraphrasing appropriately, you may be soon under the allegation of giving the plagiarized work.

In short, we can say that the plagiarism checkers are the same and are not the same considering the particular feature of the tools. If you talk about their work, it is mostly the same. If you talk about the database through which they search for the match, it may differ.

Moreover, you can only beat a plagiarism checking software by appropriate paraphrasing and be rewriting. The best way to avoid plagiarism from your work is to read the information online, gather the ideas and then write it in your own words.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a computer software that scans the written documents or article with billions of websites online to check whether it is original or copied from other sources. To rank your content high in search engines like Google or Yahoo you must have a unique article. Plagiarism checker helps users to check if their article is unique and distinctive from others.

There are many ways to check for plagiarism, you can check it online or by installing plagiarism checker software on your operating system. Plagiarism can be check manually as well but doing so will be time to consume, take lots of effort to perform and cannot be 100% accurate. Plagiarism Checker software does the same work in no time with strong accuracy.

Checking plagiarism manually is not possible when you have billions of web pages to explore but with the help of Plagiarism Checker software only thing you need to do is just paste your article in the content box and within few seconds result will be shown.

    • Dupli Checker
    • Grammarly
    • Search Engine Reports
    • Unplug Checker
    • WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker
    • PlagiarismCheck.Org


  • SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker
  • ProWritingAid
  • DMCA Scan
  • Copyleaks
  • PaperRater
  • Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Plagium
  • PlagScan
  • PlagTracker
  • Quietest
  • Viper
  • Edubirdie.com
  • Plagiarisma.net
  • Bibme.org
  • Duplichecker.com
  • Dustball.com
  • Noplag.com
  • Writecheck.com
  • Prepostseo
  • Easybib.com
  • Unicheck.com

How does Plagiarism Checker work?

Now a day most advanced and latest Plagiarism Checker has made it more easy, fast and reliable to check plagiarism. Most of them are not free; you have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. What basically Plagiarism Checker software does is it scans the World Wide Web by keeping the phrase and sentence in front and compares it with other available content on the web, and provides the comprehensive report showing the part of plagiarism and the origin.

Advantages of Plagiarism Checker

If you are an online article writer and you got the contract for writing then you are in a very critical situation, you need to write unique content in order to satisfy the contractor. Plagiarism Checker helps you to confirm that you have unique content and you can present it with confidence. Before you publish it online you need something to make sure that the article you wrote down is different from others, it’s not the same as the other.

Plagiarism Checker helps you to assured that there nothing resembling your work. Plagiarism Checker helps you making your original idea your own. It helps you make sure that you have not stolen or copied someone else idea.

Disadvantages of Plagiarism Checker

However, the negative sides have come with the rise of technology such as, depending too much on Plagiarism Checker is a waste of personal talent. The value of self-confidence is getting down. Being an article writer, the writer should not depend on Plagiarism Checker for what he has written to make sure he is not stealing some one’s else idea.

The initial goal of education is providing knowledge

Education is for those who are willing to learn while learning itself implies honesty, accuracy, and clarity of thoughts and intentions. This is where plagiarizing can become a real issue.

Plagiarism is a dishonest appropriation of intellectual property

Plagiarism is considered to be a dishonest appropriation of someone else’s thoughts and ideas. It can easily sabotage your studying process and question the validity of your knowledge already gained in academic circles.

Why study?

So what is the purpose of studying if you don’t really study but simply make use of someone else’s ideas? It turns out to be a mere rewriting of already existing facts, doesn’t it?

Generate your own thoughts based on research

Common knowledge including various scientific theories and accomplished discoveries can be used for conducting your own research. However, any part of those literary achievements inserted into your own paper should be properly cited and referenced.

Plagiarism Checker doesn’t focus on phrases or sentences it focuses on words only that are the main back draw of the software. Files converted to PDF cannot be checked by Plagiarism Checker.

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