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What Does Travel Insurance Cover – Travel Insurance, (Insurance to Enjoy Quiet)

What does travel insurance cover: Traveling is a pleasure. On many occasions, it is the reward for a few hard months of work. It means disconnecting with the family, with friends or even alone, it does not matter, the important thing about each trip is the disconnection experience.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover
What Does Travel Insurance Cover

Preparing a trip is a long and expensive task. For many, it is an enjoyment, but for others, it is the biggest inconvenience of going on a trip.

Choose destination, hotels, flights, transports, excursions … are decisions that will mark the future of the holidays. But there is an aspect that we rarely value within this planning, travel insurance.

With the arrival of new technologies, the way to plan a trip has changed, and much. Before we planned the trip to our nearest travel agency, now instead, we are able to organize a trip around the world individually contracting all journeys and accommodations directly online.

Hiring trips online is a great advantage since we gain independence to hire what we want, but also generates an important disadvantage, security. The best offers and the most incredible prices are usually accompanied by small inconveniences, some known and others not so much. Do several stopovers at different airports is known to save money on the plane ticket, but not having travel insurance is not something we are so aware of. A few years ago, our travel agent would have informed us about this aspect and then we would be free to choose or not these security coverages.

Why hire travel insurance?

Being on a trip to a foreign country means a significant increase in risk simply by being out of your residence. Loss of flights, cancellations of hotels, accidents, incidents with luggage, catastrophes … Unfortunately, these are situations that every traveler has lived or will ever live on. As we have said, these aspects when someone is out of their country to become much more difficult to manage because of issues of culture, ignorance of the system or language. Travel insurance can facilitate this management.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover
What Does Travel Insurance Cover

The trips are planned with a lot of time in advance and therefore, it becomes impossible to know the situations at the time of travel. But exactly, what can we insure with travel insurance?

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance policies, like most policies, are very flexible. You can ensure practically what you want and adapt to the needs of each traveler, and most importantly, begin the coverage from the moment you hire them.

Some of the most common coverages are:

Baggage coverage

Who has never lost a suitcase? Possibly many who are reading this article will be remembering that trip in which the airline on duty lost their luggage.

We all know or can imagine the inconvenience of losing your bags. Clothing, personal items, toiletries, medicines, electronic equipment …

There are a lot of problems when you lose your luggage. With travel insurance and baggage coverage, we can survive more happily that inconvenience because the insurer will be responsible for locating the luggage and take it where you need it. It will also bear the necessary compensation costs to replace all those elements until its recovery. If necessary, the insurer will help you to make the appropriate report in case of theft or damage to its delivery.

Fast and quality medical assistance

As we have talked before, being on a trip means being exposed to a series of greater risks than in your day-to-day life. Sports practices, excursions or simply a slight intoxication can cause the entire trip to go to waste.

Thanks to travel insurance, you can receive quality medical assistance urgently for what you need, from a slight discomfort to a possible accident.

The possibility of canceling a trip up to 24 hours before leaving

With travel insurance, you can cancel your holiday up to 24 hours before leaving as long as you have contracted the cancellation coverages. An unforeseen event, health problems or any anomaly could modify the plans for your trip. Thanks to these policies, you can cancel up to one day before starting the trip and fully recover the amount of transport, accommodation or general expenses already contracted.

Return from the destination before

Among the contingencies that may arise during your vacation trip is the possibility of having to return home ahead of time. Suffering an illness or accident practicing an adventure sport causes the need for medical intervention and depending on the severity, the obligation to return home to resume medical care. With travel insurance with medical coverage, you will include search and rescue expenses, as well as those derived from repatriation.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover
What Does Travel Insurance Cover

There is also the possibility of adding the necessary coverage so that a family member can accompany you throughout this process.

24-hour assistance service

Being in a foreign country often generates moments of uncertainty and loneliness. Many times you do not know who to turn to when something is not working how you think it should. Cultural, legislative or language problems often prevent us from being able to communicate fluently with those responsible in the destination country.

One of the most used advantages in travel insurance is precisely the possibility of receiving assistance during 24 h. of the day

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