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Blake Lively Appeared in a Fan’s Photo from a Spice Girls Concert

A fan gives with a snapshot in which she posed next to the actress in a concert in 1998.Blake Lively Appeared in a Fan's Photo from a Spice Girls Concert

Blake Lively Appeared in a Fan’s Photo from a Spice Girls Concert: Bria Madrid went to her first concert in 5 years. It was from the Spice Girls, in San Bernardino, California. Almost 20 years later, he has found a photograph in which he appears posing with another girl of 11 who was dressed as Baby Spice. But I was not any girl. Now he recognizes her in the snapshot for another reason than having been together at a concert. It was Blake Lively.

Rummaging through her memories, a young woman named Bria Madrid gave this week with a snapshot of her first concert. It was from the Spice Girls. The year 1998. San Bernardino, California. Madrid was five years old and when she saw a teenager dressed as Baby Spice, she took a picture with her. By then, it was another girl fan of the British group. Today, his name is known all over the world: Blake Lively.

“My secret is public,” Lively has written on Twitter when sharing the Madrid publication. In the photo, the actress appears with some very tall platforms in homage to the style that characterized than the blonde and innocent Spice Girl who put face and voice  Emma Bunton.

Lively has also shared the post on Instagram later. “Pretending to be someone else … since 1997,” Lively has written. The Spice Girls actually performed in San Bernardino in the summer of the following year, but it is a mistake that Madrid has made when remembering the date of the concert. “Thanks to Bria Madrid for our photo at the Spice Girls concert, I’m sorry – but I’m not sorry – I’ve made you believe it was Emma Bunton.”

Bunton herself has ended up going through Lively’s publication: “How cute You petas with those pigtails”. The actress could not contain the excitement at the recognition of the very same Baby Spice: “I am officially [dead], I will always bow to you, I can not believe you know who I am, this will never be normal again”. The weird thing would be that I did not know you, Blake.


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