Trump Is Going to Infuriate: His Followers Take Pictures With “Enemy”

Jim Acosta from CNN showed the videoTrump Is Going to Infuriate: His Followers Take Pictures

Trump Is Going to Infuriate: His Followers Take Pictures: In the midst of an open confrontation between President Donald Trump and CNN there seems to be no room for friendly gestures, however, a group of Republican supporters had no problem making a truce to take photos with journalist Jim Acosta, an of the most prominent figures in the quarrels.

The head of CNN correspondents at the White House shared a couple of contradictory videos on his Twitter account. On the one hand, it showed the dangerous animosity that Trump’s speech against the press has exacerbated.

“A simple sample of the sad scene we face at the Trump rally in Tampa. I am very concerned about the hostility that Trump and some in the conservative media have raised, as it could result in someone being hurt. “

Trump has raised the attacks against the critical media towards his government passing from “false news” to “enemies of the people”.

On the other hand, Acosta let see the moment he could live with a group of Trump followers, who asked him for pictures and even could exchange some points of view.

“Taking ‘selfies’ with Trump supporters in Tampa. I really enjoyed talking to some of them at the rally and listening to their concerns. As I told several, we can not make news just for Republicans and Trump supporters. We must make news for all Americans. “

Acosta has had bitter episodes with important figures of the government. From Trump himself who threw him out of the Oval Office, to spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Surely these images will not like the president, who raised the attacks against the press and even assured that the critical media “could cause a war”.

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