Trump Faces New Accusations of Racism After Mocking LeBron James’ Intelligence

Trump additionally appeared to take sides in the debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, expression at the end of his tweet: “I like Mike!”Trump Faces New Accusations of Racism After Mocking LeBron James' Intelligence

Trump Faces New Accusations of Racism After Mocking LeBron James’ Intelligence: The president of the United States, Donald Trump, received a wave of criticism for “racism” today after Friday night mocked the intelligence of NBA star Lebron James, and the CNN show host Don Lemon, both African-Americans.

Trump criticized both through his Twitter account after Lemon interviewed James, a talk in which the Los Angeles Lakers player reiterated his criticism of the president as a leader insensitive to minorities.

Trump tweeted, apparently referring to the former NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

Trump’s criticism of James and Lemon’s intelligence comes after he has repeatedly referred California representative Maxine Waters, also black, as someone “extraordinarily low IQ”.

Trump’s tweet about James generated immediate criticism on social media, especially since James made headlines last week for the opening of a school for low-income children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, funded by his foundation.

The opening of the school was the basis of CNN’s Lemon interview.

Lemon just alluded to this issue today from his Twitter account, without referring to the insults that had also been conferred against him by the president.

“Who is the real imbecile? A man who puts children in the classroom or one who puts children in cages?” Asked the presenter, alluding to the “zero tolerance” policy promoted by the president a few months ago and that has separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents after crossing the border.

The governor of Ohio, the Republican John Kasich, today defended the basketball star and also said in that social network that we must “celebrate his charity work and his efforts to help children.

One of the most critical was the journalist Dan Rather, one of the most veteran in the US media, who responded to the words of Trump accusing him directly of “racist”.

“Is this apparently what the President of the United States feels he needs to share when he should be in bed?” “It’s a disgrace, it’s racist, and it’s the product of petty but dangerous hatreds, I repeat, is this the PRESIDENT?” , he questioned.

Trump has defined his language with a strong racial charge since he was a candidate for the White House for the Republican Party, referring to the Mexican as “rapists” or harshly criticizing the NFL players for protesting the police abuses against blacks. EFEUSA

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