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Top 40+ Happy Friendship Day Messages 2019 (All Time Best)

Friendship Day Messages: Sending a beautiful message to all your friends on the occasion of friendship day is the best part. In the time of social media no one like to send messages but if your are planning to send messages and your friend very special then here are some best friendship day messages. Yes, the best one for friendship day 2019.  You will get all new and fresh friendship day messages here.

Friendship Day Messages

And if you are searching for some awesome happy friendship day 2019 messages then you are at right place.

Friendship Day Messages 2019

Below you will found unique and best Happy friendship day message for 2019.

  • [____________] is box me kuch aisa likho jo hme jindgi bhr yad rhe. Apne sare frnds ko bhejo aur dekho wo apke liye kya likhte hai. Bt reply me 1st/
  • Teri Muskurahat Meri Pehchan Thi,
    Teri Khusi Meri shaan Thi,
    Kuchh Bhee Nahii tere bina Meri Jindaagi me,
    Bas Itna Samaj Le,
    Teri Dosti Hee Meri JAAŅ Thi……
  • Kamyabi Badi Nahi Paane Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Zakhm Bade Nahi Bharne Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Itihas Ke Har Panne Pe Likha Hai.
    Dosti Badi Nahi Nibhane Wale Bade Hote Hai?
  • Sabse alag sabse pyare ho aap,
    Tarif puri Na ho itne pyare ho aap,
    Aaj pata chala ye zamana Q jalta he aapse,
    Qki frnd to Aakhir hamare ho Aap.
  • Friendship day sms in Hindi –
    Zindagi ek railway station ki tarah hai.
    Pyar ek train hai jo aati hai aur chali jaati he.
    Par dosti enquiry counter he.
    Jo hamesha kehti he MAY I HELP U.

Happy Friendship Day 2019 Messages

What is a friend? She looks out 4 u, inspires u, laughs with u, cries with u, understands u, guides u and walks with u. That’s what a friend is… u.

A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.

  • Life me kbhi hmari Dosti k bare me koi glat fehmi ho to…
    Sikka uchalna
    agr head aaye to we r frnds…
    agar tail aaye to…
    Chupke se palat dena…Dost
  • Friendship day sms in Hindi
    Dosti k wado ko uhi nibhate rhenge,
    hm hr waqt aap ko satate manate rahenge,
    mar b jaye to kya gum hai, hm ansu bankar apki ankho me aate rahenge.
  • Achha Dost Haath aur Aankh ki Tarah hota hai
    Jab Haath ko Taklif hoti hai to Aankh Roti hai
    aur Jab Aankh roti hai to aath Aansu Pochta hai.
  • Dost 1 aisa ‘Chor’ hota hai jo.
    Ankho se AANSU
    Chehre se PARESHANI
    Dil se MAYUSI
    Zindgi se DUKH
    Aur hatho ki lakiro se MAUT
    Tak ko chura leta hai.
  • Happy Friendship day sms in Hindi –
    Humne kabhi Dosti ko jana na hota,
    hamari zindgi me apka Aana na hota,
    yuhi akele guzaar dete zindgi ko,
    agar apko Apna dost Mana na hota..

Some Best 4-6 liner friendship day messages here:

  • Good Friends comes to visit u in the hospital
    With flower and goes
    But…A TRUE friend sits near you and says
    Yaar bohut tight nurse hai
    Araam se theek hona
    Roz aunga
  • I can’t promise 2 solve
    Ur all Problems
    I can Promise…
    That u would not have
    to face them Alone…:-)

  • A friend is sweet when it is new…
    it is sweeter when it is true….
    but you know that…..
    it is the sweetest when it is you…”
  • हर कदम पर इम्तहान लेती है जिंदगी
    हर वक्‍त नया सदमा देती है जिंदगी
    हम जिंदगी से शिकवा कैसे करें…
    आखिर आप जैसे दोस्‍त भी तो देती है जिंदगी।
  • तुफान में कश्‍तियों को किनारे भी मिल जाते हैं
    जहान में लोगों को सहारे भी मिल जाते हैं
    दुनिया में सबसे प्‍यारी है जिंदगी
    कुछ आप जैसे दोस्‍त जिंदगी से भी प्‍यारे मिल जाते हैं।
  • कुछ सालों बाद न जाने क्‍या समां होगा
    न जाने कौन दोस्‍त कहां होगा
    फिर मिलना हुआ तो मिलेगें यादों में
    जैसे सूखे गुलाब मिलते हैं किताबों में।
  • जैसे पानी के बिना जी नहीं सकते
    वैसे ही स्‍कुटर के बिना कहीं जा नहीं सकते।
    हाल ये हो गया है यारो
    जैसे क्रिकेट में याकर के बिना विकेट ले नहीं सकते
    वैसे ही लाईफ में दोस्‍तों के बिना जी नहीं सकते
  • दोस्‍ती तो सिर्फ इत्तफाक है
    ये तो दिलों की मुलाकात है
    दोस्‍ती नहीं देखती दिन है या रात है
    इसमें तो डेरीमिल्‍क की मिठास..
    और पानीपूरी सी तीखा’स है।
  • Life starts INTENSE,
    But Ends with SILENSE.
    Love starts with FEAR,
    Buts ends with TEARS.
    And Friendship starts HOWEVER,
    Will always Remain FOREVER

  • Girlfriend is Hot Water,
    Lover is Mineral Water,
    Wife is Corporation Water,
    The relationships Kaveri Water,
    But “FRIENDSHIP” is pure Rain Water!
  • Making a million Friends is not a Miracle,
    D miracle is to make a friend..
    who will stand by U when millions are against you.
    Wish u a very Happy Friendship Day !
  • Every life in this world is
    written by god’s own hands,
    That’s why I am thankful to god,
    Because he wrote my life,
    & included YOU as
    A beautiful Friend like a Angle part of my life..!!
  • A friend is someone who reaches your hand,but
    Touches your Heart and
    become a part in you.
  • Some people come into our lives and quickly go,
    Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts,
    But we are never,ever the same.
  • Thank you for touching my life
    in ways you may never know.
    My riches do not lie in material wealth,
    but in having friend like you – a precious gift from God.

2-3 Lines happy friendship day messages for 2019

  • Friendship is not just a word, it is a promise that says I was, I am and will be with you forever. Happy Friendship Day.

  • Thank you, y friend, for touching my life in ways that you will never comprehend. Happy Friendship Day. Thanks for being there.
  • I remember the days we spend together. The chats at the canteen, weekend movies and cycling by the beach. Now that we are far, I miss those days. Let‘s catch up soon. Happy Friendship Day!
Enjoy your friendship day with awesome friendship day messages. Don’t forget to share friendship day messages with your friend and do check out special friendship day images.

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