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Peter Dinklage Will Be a Star in the New Sony Rumpelstiltskin

The actor Peter Dinklage ( ‘Game of Thrones’,’ X-Men: Days of the future past ‘) will continue to be linked to the fantasy genre with a new Sony Pictures film centered on the character of ‘ Rumpelstiltskin ‘ (in Spain’ The jumping dwarf ‘). According to Variety, the 49-year-old actor will be the protagonist and producer of the project.

While at the moment the details of the plot are kept secret, the play tells the story of a miller who, wanting to be important, lies to the king telling him that his daughter is able to turn straw into gold using a spinning wheel. To prove this ability, the king encloses the miller’s daughter in a room full of straw with a spinning wheel. The king threatens that if he is not able to do so, he will take his life. The girl begins to cry disconsolately and then appears in the room a goblin who turns straw into gold for her in exchange for her necklace.

This character of German origin appeared for the first time in a story by the Brothers Grimm, has had several appearances on the screen over the years. For example as one of the main characters of ‘Once Upon a Time’, ABC series where the role is played by Robert Carlyle.


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