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Indian Idol 2018 – Indian Idol 10 Sony Tv Live – Contestants & Performance

Indian Idol 2018

Indian Idol 2018 Performance Contestants – Indian Idol 10 Indian idol 2018 Sony Tv Indian idol 2018 Live: Ankush Bhardwaj of Himachal Pradesh, who have made the place in the Top 14 of the Indian Idol season 10, has won the heart of the judges of Indian Idol along with the audience with his melodic and harmonic singing.

indian idol season 10

After one by one, he has touched the hearts of music lovers of India and abroad on his best productions. Apart from this, the presentation by him on the Indian idol platform is also being shared on social networking sites. On Saturday, the song singed by him on the Grand Prix of Indian Idol is being praised all over.

Indian Idol 10 – Indian Idol 2018 Judges

His music composer Anu Malik, singer Neha Kakkar, and composer and singer Vishal have become convinced of his singing. Following Ankush Bhardwaj’s performance on the occasion of Grand Prix of Indian Idol, Shaw’s judge, Anu Malik, praised Ankush and told him that today he is feeling that Bollywood has got another playback horner.

Indian Idol 2018 Judges

Following these words of Anu Malik, Ankush’s fans are hopeful that soon they will sing for Bollywood movies. Ankush Bhardwaj is a resident of Kotgarh in Shimla district. They want to make a career in the world of singing. Ankush is also appealing to vote for social networking sites.

Manish Paul Will Give a Unique Surprise to Indian Idol, Knowingly Romantic

The Indian Idol 10 is going to be amazing on the stage. In this episode, the audience will be very entertained. Yes, the reason is that you are the favorite star Manish Paul who is also an anchor of the show.

Apart from Anchoring and Acting, Manish also knows how much love is with Singing, and everyone knows this and he is getting an opportunity to show his talent on Indian Idol stage. This time he is going to give his wife a special surprise on the stage of Indian Idol.

Indian Idol 10 Sony Tv

He is going to sing a romantic song for his wife. Manish talking about this, says that I’ve been hosting dance shows for a long time and have hosted the show with a lot of celebrities, but when I work with such artists and see their visit then I understand It is now that how hard they go forward and reach here. He says that I love singing very much and I sing all my favorite tracks and listen to it and I enjoy.

This time the makers gave me this opportunity so I am happy. These days, I like John Denver’s song and it’s my wife’s favorite song too.

Indian Idol 2018

Actor and anchor Manish Paul say that he likes to experiment in his style. Manish, who is hosting ‘Indian Idol 10’, has decided that in every episode of this season, he will wear the uniform and different types of shoes.

He said, “I like to do experimental in my own style. That’s why in every episode the audience will get to see something new. I love to wear stylish clothes and shoes and love fashion. ”

Grand Premier of Indian Idol 10 Live Sony TV

Singing reality shows Indian Idol 10 has announced its best and Top 14 Singing Contestants. These young superstars are from different places all over the country. The Grand Prix premiere of Indian Idol 10 can be viewed on July 28 and 29 this year. It will be broadcasted on the Sony TV at 8 pm.

Yes, the launch of Indian Idol with its Top 14 Contestants is going to mean this weekend from July 28th. It will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm on Seen TV, in which the viewer will see performing his favorite artist.

On this special occasion, Shrirama Chandra will be present on the occasion of Rekha Bharadwaj, Kailash Kher, Amit Mishra, Javed Ali, Jubin Nautiyal, As King, Suzanne De Mello, Vaishali Mahade and Indian Idol 5 winner. Judge Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, and Anu Malik.

Indian Idol 2018 Top 14 – Contestants Name List Performance

Talk to 14 Contestants, then Nitin Kumar from Himachal, Sumo Chakrabarti from West Bengal, Calm and Harme Vishwajit from Odisha, Salman Ali from Haryana, Krishnakali Sahu from Tripura, Ankush Bharadwaj from Himachal Pradesh, Renu Nagar from Rajasthan, Indira from West Bengal Dant, Avanti Patel from Mumbai, Saurabh Valmiki from Uttar Pradesh, Kunal Pandit from Mumbai, Drummer Vibhor Parashar, rising from Delhi, Alipur Nilanjana and Sonia Gajmeer from West Bengal are included.

It is worth mentioning that on July 7, the tenth season of Singing Reality Show ‘Indian Idol’ started on Sony TV.

The celebration of Guru Purnima Celebrated in the Indian Idol 10 Singing Reality Show

Rupesh Kumar Gupta, Mumbai, On the occasion of Guru Purnima, where every pupil is remembering and praising his master, Bollywood stars are doing similarly. Also on the reality show, the disciple has shown the tradition of honoring the guru. From Bollywood to TV worlds and too big artists to younger artists all remember their guru.

In this list, the name of the singing reality shows Indian Idol 10 has also been added. This reality show has bowed down to all the Gurus by dedicating a complete episode Guru-disciple tradition. In this episode, many famous singers on stage with 14 Contestants Singers, Neha Kankar and Anu Malik are judging this reality show.

indian idol 10

The judges are not leaving any chance to increase the morale of their respective competition. Besides, he is also suggesting songs to sing them well. In addition to the talk of the participants, they also left no stone unturned to impress the judges.

Because of this, the celebration of Guru Purnima on the set was also celebrated. On this occasion, the representatives of all the three Judges gifted the gifts brought by them. They have presented the statue of Goddess Saraswati to Goddess Judges.

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