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How to be an Electrician? Basic 5 Tips & Electrician Salary 2018

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How to be an Electrician: What would the 21st century be without electricity? Currently developed countries do not conceive their daily lives without the comforts that electric power offers when it comes to carrying out day-to-day tasks . So much so, that the advancement of new technologies has made the role of electricians indispensable because we all want our electronic devices to work perfectly when connected to the electrical network.

How to be an Electrician

How to be an Electrician?

However, I’m sure that when you think about the work of an electrician, simple tasks related to electricity in general come to mind … but in reality it is a field that covers many more skills. In fact, these professionals are in charge of the development of the electrical installations, as well as their corresponding repairs .

How to be an Electrician? Some Tips

How to be an Electrician Some Tips.

Studies Related to Electricity

In this sense, opting for this field to continue the academic training can be a good idea, since there are different ways to approve the training and the certifications required to devote to it:

Studies Related to Electricity

Basic Vocational Training Courses

To access the basic training that will allow you to perform the job, you will need to access different training courses of about 2,000 hours after having completed the first cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). Of course, the student must be between 15 and 17 years old and must take into account that at the end of his studies he could only work in positions of operator and assistant facilities or assistant editor.

Vocational Training

Normally the incorporation to this type of basic formations is proposed by a teaching team to the parents, mothers or legal guardians of the students.

Vocational Training of Medium and Higher Grade

On the other hand, in order to study a medium-level training cycle, it is necessary to have the title of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). As for the modalities, you can opt either for the qualification of Technician in electrical and automatic installations, or for the Technician in Telecommunications Installations.

vocational training electrician

In the case of having studied until Baccalaureate, you can have access to the degree of Advanced Technician in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems, which extends the capacities and professional opportunities to management and supervision positions. However, there are other more specific branches, such as the Superior Technician in Automation and Industrial Robotics or the Superior Technician in Electronic Maintenance, among others.

Once you have completed a higher professional education you can choose to expand your knowledge with university education or through the completion of professional specialization courses.

University Studies

The university was not going to leave aside a branch as important as electricity, so if you want to opt for the highest training in this field you can always access the Degree in Electrical Engineering, more focused on the execution of projects, to engineering of maintenance and supervision of central plants and networks.

University Studies

Do not forget that to gain access to the university you must pass one of the existing University Studies Access Tests (PAEU): selectivity, entrance exam for students over 25 or once the higher professional training is completed.

Mandatory Certificates

In any of the cases it becomes indispensable to have the Individual Qualification Certificate in Low Voltage to practice as an electrician. This is claimed by the Royal Decree of August 2, which approves the electrotechnical regulation for low voltage (REBT).

Mandatory Certificates

Do not forget that this certification is mandatory for both basic categories and specialist categories.

In short, the world of electricity is much more complex than it seems and you can introduce yourself to it at the academic level that most interests you, what are you waiting for to train you as an electrician?

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