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The 10 Precious Friendship Day Facts, You Should Know

Friendship Day Facts

How is a true friend ? Know these things …  Friends should know the one who is beneficial, treats us equally in happiness and misery, be beneficial and compassionate. Buddha says that friends who help in destroying wealth, talking, talking and helping others in the destruction of wealth should be unfriendly.

10 Precious Friendship Day Facts

Friendship Day Facts

The Friend and Unfriendly Person Can be Identified at The Following Points:

  1. Who allows in bad work, admires in front, condemns back-back, is not a friend, unfriendly.
  2. Who encourages in the activities of disobedience such as drinking, and goes on the road, is not a friend, unfriendly. Such hostile friends should be left like a dangerous path.
  3. The person who becomes lover in drinking or in front of the eyes, is not a true friend. The friend who remains after the work goes out, he is the friend.
  4. He who practices a forgiver and protects his property, gives shelter to the fearful and always keeps the benefit of his friend in sight, he should be considered beneficial.
  5. Who tells his secret to a friend, keeps the secret of a friend secret, gives support to the friend in adversity and for him his life is ready to do homage, he should understand it as a true heart.
  6. The one who removes the sin, enters the virtue and gives the path of ease, that is the meaning of ‘meaning-meaning’, that is, the one who conveys the measure of realization.
  7. A friend who is pleased to see the rising of the friend, stops the friend’s slander and admires praise, the same is a sympathetic friend. Such friends must be fondly served like a parent and a son.
  8.  If you do not find any good person, if you do vyavahar in the world, you can not be alone with ideas, firmly with idiots.
  9. Who cautions and friendliness takes care of fear of breaking, he is not a friend. The way a son sleeps on a father’s shoulder, the same way with which he can be treated faithfully and the other can not be broken, he is the true friend.
  10. Wisdom is good, but the companionship of fools is not good.

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