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Friendship Day Special: Be Sure in Cyber ​​Friendship (5 Preservatives)

Friendship Day Special

Friendship Day Special :  Now most of the relationships in the internet are played through social media in the last few years and the Internet has also emerged as a major tool to make friends.

Friendship Day Special

Here all kind of friends are available all the time. But such an Internet friendship sometimes becomes curse with boon. You need to be cautious to avoid this. Take special care of these 5 things. (These 10 Types of Friends Which of These Are Your Best Friends?)

1. Dependency

To chat with friends, internet or say avoid too much dependency on Facebook. In this way, you may get addicted to it, which can prove to be very fatal. Many times it has also been seen that people are suffering from depression due to not coming online for some days of their Facebook Friends. (The 6 Friendship Breakup Causes and What What to Do?)

2. Personal life

In this way your personal and natural life is badly affected. You get used to virtual life, and you spend most of your time with Facebook Friends, due to which you can not find time for yourself.
Often people spend hours on Facebook, lose their true social life, and keep away from virtual life. Just think, you can take time out for yourself to learn something new, refine your own personality, or make relationships with others sweet. Take time out for yourself, and spend a few moments with family and friends. (The 10 Precious Friendship Day Facts, You Should Know)

3. Health

Facebook or Internet friendship can spoil your health too. It is harmful to sit in one place for a long time, and sometimes we also bypass hunger and thirst in the pitcher’s chest, which is wrong. It also affects your mental state.
You can not guess about the real life of any friend on the internet, you can make some fool too, so you can become emotionally sick. Sometimes you get hurt by being a joke or unbelief in the group, and feel embarrassed, this can lead to inferiority in you. Apart from this, the rezept from the computer can also affect your eyes and give headache and tension. (Happy Friendship Day Celebration Ideas | Friendship Day Celebration 2018)

4 Personal information

Sharing personal things with friends created on the Internet, you can also have trouble. Many times, through them, you can become a victim of some big deception or thugs. It would be better to associate such friends with only one border.
Avoid talking to someone about your family or past, talk to someone about your social and economic status. Do not discuss your clothes, body, home, way of life and hostility. (Top 20 Happy Friendship Day Songs Download for Friend 2018)

5. Sharing

It is not okay to believe more about any of the complete information. Many times you trust someone and share your personal photos.
These photos can also be used to spoil your image or trap you. Avoid giving your phone number, address and bank account or ATM related information.

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