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Life Insurance New York Life

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Life Insurance New York: The life insurance New York Life stand out for their sales in the United States. In 2016 they ranked third in direct premium sales, covering 5.48% of the market, behind only Metlife and Northwestern.

Life Insurance New York
Life Insurance New York

This article describes the most important types of policies in the sector. It also tells you some information to more easily locate the best policy.

Types of coverage or policies offered by Life Insurance New York

Life Insurance New York
Life Insurance New York

The most promoted types of policies in life insurance New York Life are:

  • Whole life insurance. They offer protection for beneficiaries throughout their lives and economic growth since they generate dividends that can be withdrawn at any time. Some of its characteristics are:
    • Life insurance policy to protect beneficiaries. It is charged in life if it reaches the age of 100 years.
    • Return of accumulated values in the policy.
    • It generates dividends. It is a kind of profit sharing that the company shares with the insured.
    • Multiple hiring plans, be it the standard policy or another one of limited payments.
    • Option to ensure couples in the same policy.
  • Temporary insurance. Insurance that offers more protection at a low cost. They are contracted for specific terms of years or age reached. They can be converted into whole life insurance when the insured requires it.

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