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Thank You Quotes for Friends – THANKS to a FRIEND on Friendship Day

Thank You Quotes for Friends: They say that “good friends are always by our side in good times and bad times”, and they also say that “it is good to be born grateful”.

Thank You Quotes for Friends

Thank You Quotes for Friends

That’s why we wanted to create this compilation of thanks phrases for friends and phrases to thank for the friendship , so that you can recognize those good friends as they deserve … those who make you laugh so much in good times, and those that encourage you so much when you have moments of descent.

  • I give thanks to LIFE for making you KNOWN. And I THANK YOU for being a great FRIEND.
  • There are many reasons to give GRACE to GOD, one of them is to give me a FRIEND like YOU.

Thank You Quotes for Friends to give THANKS to a FRIEND

  • I am PROUD to be your FRIEND, when I have a PROBLEM you are always by my side, you never fail me, you can always TRUST YOURSELF. Thank you very much friend.
  • THANK YOU for your friendship, God bless you at all times.
  • THANK YOU for NOT JUDGING ME. Thanks for LISTENING TO ME. Thank you for letting me know that you will always be on your side when you NEED. Thanks for being a great friend. 
  • Every day I give thanks to GOD for putting a FRIEND like YOU in my LIFE.
  • THANK YOU for making me ENJOY so many good times by your side, and above all, THANK YOU for your SUPPORT in the bad moments. THANK YOU for being a FRIEND of TRUTH.
  • My most sincere THANK YOU for being such a good FRIEND during all these years. God bless you today and always.

Thank You Quotes for Friends for Friendship Day

  • FRIENDS like YOU make LIFE more beautiful, and I THANK you from HEART your sincere FRIENDSHIP.
  • THANK YOU FRIENDS for being with me when I needed you the most. My most sincere GRATITUDE for each and every one.
  • The GOOD FRIENDS are like the STARS, they always SHINE in the DARK. THANK YOU for your FRIENDSHIP FRIENDS !!
  • You are like one more of my FAMILY, it is a PLEASURE and a LUCK to have a FRIEND like YOU. THANK YOU for being like you are, THANK YOU for being my FRIEND.
  • All my GRATITUDE for the BEST of the FRIENDS that any person can have. I will never forget everything you have done for my FRIEND. Many thanks.
  • FRIEND thank you for your beautiful and sincere friendship. Do not ever change. I love you so much.

Phrases to say thanks to friends – Thank You Quotes for Friends

  • Your FRIENDSHIP is for me a GIFT from GOD, THANK YOU for being my FRIEND in the GOOD and in the BAD.
  • LIFE is more FACT with FRIENDS like BOOS. Thanks for being the way you are. THANK YOU for being a GREAT FRIEND.
  • A FRIENDSHIP like yours is difficult to FIND, that is why FRIEND I want to THANK YOU for your SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDING in the bad moments, and the JOY and FUN in the good ones.
  • THANK YOU for BLESSING my life with your FRIENDSHIP.
  • GOOD FRIENDS are like the STARS, even if you do not see them, you know they will ALWAYS be there. Thanks for being a great friend.
  • My life would be very BORED if there was no FRIENDSHIP. THANK YOU for being like you are, THANK YOU for your friendship.

THANKS to a FRIEND on Friendship Day for my friends

  • FRIEND of mine, THANK YOU for being by my side even in the most ADVERSE moments.
  • How beautiful is life when shared with FRIENDS like YOU. I want to say THANK YOU for how GOOD you are always with me, for your SUPPORT and for your UNDERSTANDING. I love you friend. You’re the best.
  • Lord bless my FRIEND with a lot of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and LOVE.
  • Thank you very much for your FRIENDSHIP and for your unconditional SUPPORT. 
  • You can not imagine how much I THANK you for how well you have always behaved with me. That’s why I want to dedicate these words to my BEST FRIEND: THANK YOU, thank you and a thousand times THANK YOU for being like you ARE. 
  • If I CRASH, you RAISE ME, and if not, you fall WITH YOU. THANK YOU for being a great FRIEND.
  • What would be of our lives without our friends? Surely it would be much more boring, especially when we are young and we like to have at our side people of our same age with whom we share our joys and sorrows.
  • Friendship is a precious treasure that we must keep and care for so that it accompanies us throughout life, as well as to the family and our couple.

We have made this compilation of phrases of thanks to friends , so you could use them whenever you want to thank those friends who are so good with you and who form part of your lives as if they were one more than your family We hope you like them.

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