What Is the Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ That Appeared on Maine Beach?

It is a peregrine shark in an advanced state of decomposition.

What Is the Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ That Appeared on Maine Beach? On July 19, a mysterious “sea monster” appeared on one of the beaches of the state of Maine, USA. UU., According to News Center Maine. What is the strange “sea monster”?

The creature is about 4.5 meters long by 1.2 meters wide. A swimmer told the news agency that it was “pretty disgusting”. Many bathers thought that it was the decomposed corpse of a whale, due to its enormous size, however experts from the Marine Mammals of Maine said that it was not a whale.

George Burgess, a shark scientist, told Live Science that it is a “peregrine shark” ( Cetorhinus maximus ).

Pilgrim shark. Burgess said he suspected the creature had been chewed by other sharks “especially the white shark.”

Facts you should know about the peregrine shark:

  • Peregrine sharks are the second largest fish species; They grow up to 9.7 meters long and can weigh up to 5 tons.
  • These giants feed on zooplankton, for this they open their mouths and filter the sea water through their gills. They are not dangerous for the human.
  • Pilgrim sharks are declining and are a vulnerable species, according to the IUCN.
  • They live in temperate waters of the world, which includes the east coast of North America.

The scientist Burgess believes that the shark had been dead for several weeks before leaving the coast. The reason is that cold water from Maine at this time of year causes the decomposition processes to be much slower.

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