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How to Get rid of Hair Mites Naturally – (5 Easiest Ways)

How to Get rid of Hair Mites: Who does not want to have beautiful hair and no problem whether it is dandruff or other problems. Perhaps the problem of dandruff is a problem that is easily seen moreover with other problems such as hair loss and dull hair. There are other problems that may not be visible to others but become a very annoying problem for you who experience it. Lice, fleas are not going to be seen by others but it will be very clear if you have lice when you scratch your scalp all the time and this is certainly very disturbing to you who experience it. 

How to Get Rid of Hair Lice and Eggs

The only way to solve this problem is to remove the lice and eggs by up to 100 percent completely. If not yet complete even in the form of eggs it may be multiplying over time and become a new problem in the future. Therefore, immediately to overcome the problem of your lice. Here are 5 ways you can do to eliminate the lice and eggs.

How to Get rid of Hair Mites

1. White Vinegar

How to Get rid of Hair Mites Naturally
By using white vinegar you can release lice eggs that stick to your hair. The trick is to drip white vinegar into the hair and flatten to the skin of hair, let stand approximately 2 hours ago you rinse by using shampoo. Besides being able to release lice eggs, white vinegar can also thwart the taste of flea eggs. Please use it regularly at home to get maximum results.

2. Coconut Oil

How to Get rid of Hair Mites
In addition can be used for cooking materials, coconut oil can also remove hair ticks. How to make it that is balurkan your coconut oil until evenly distributed, then you cover the hair by using a haircut or shower cup and let stand for about 6 hours and rinse with a shampoo so that coconut oil does not stick to your hair again. You can use this method every day.

3. Onion Red

How to Get rid of Hair Mites Onion
The ingredients that we often use like onions can also remove head lice. how to use it is to take onions to taste then you puree and balurkan to the hair evenly to the scalp. Let stand for about 1 hour then clean with shampoo.

4. White Wood Oil and Lime

How to Get rid of Hair Mites Lemon
The next way is to use a mixture of eucalyptus oil with lime. How to use it is mixing 2 spoons of eucalyptus oil with lime juice to taste and then spread to the hair until evenly distributed. Use a haircut and let stand for about 2 hours then rinse with a shampoo.

5. Serit

How to Get rid of Hair Mites serit
Serit is a comb with very tight teeth, this type of comb is specially designed to remove hair lice where by using serit fleas can be lifted to the surface, thus reducing the population of head lice in hair. This method should be used at any time when you have free time because if only done once, of course the result is nil no alias. So do it every day if necessary so that the tick can be eradicated until it is not left to prevent subsequent breeding.

How to Get rid of Hair Mites Naturally

Those are some ways to get rid of fleas and eggs, by using the above method on a regular basis at home can remove hair lice that often disturb you both in your comfort and appearance. In addition you also have to keep a distance with people who have lice so you are not infected. To rinse some of the above, you can also use a suitable shampoo to treat your hair to keep it looking healthy.
Sometimes the shampoo you use is not suitable for you but more suitable with others. So before you use the shampoo to rinse or to use every day it would be nice if you are looking for a shampoo that matches your hair. May be useful.

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