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Mankame EP-1 – One Charge will Run for One Month

Mankame EP-1: Automobiles engineers invented this first electric super bike. That will run for a whole month on a charge. The maximum speed can be found at 250 kilometers.

2018 Mankame EP-1 130 mph | Indian startup develops an electric sportbike with 500 km range

This Mankame EP-1 model has made this bike a young engineer. It has three riding modes. The bicycle has the most modern breaking systems and controllers for controlling.  The bike was created by an Indian company named the Bangalore-based startup company Mankame EP-1. They made Mankame EP-1 as a prototype. Crowdfunding to collect money for commercial production.

Its innovators have said that the high density battery pack used in the bikes. As a result, it will be able to travel around 500 to 700 kilometers on a single charge. As a result, those who carry this electric super bike will go to the office and they will be able to cross the whole month with a single charge. And the charging costs are much lower.

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