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25+ Best Friendship Day Jokes, Funny Quotes & Greetings

Friendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes: Friendship Day Funny Greeting Cards HD Images Pictures for Friends. Happy Friendship Day Funny Greeting Cards, HD Images, Pictures for Friends- The Festival of Love friendship day is in . So to make the Celebration of Friendship day our team is providing you the Very Special and Funny Images Greetings and Pictures of Friendship day . So Share these Friendship days Funny Images, Pictures and Greeting cards with your best buddies in .


Friendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes Greeting

You may sing these heartfelt Friendship Day songs in a Friendship Day Party or get together that you may have organized and express your true love for your dear friend This Friendship Day blessings for your dear most friend with this sincere heartfelt Friendship Day .the the best way preferred all across the globe is to say few lines or send the ideal quotes written by the experts about friendship day. Here’s the best collection of friendship day quotes for the boyfriends and girlfriends which should come into the picture on friendship day. Also, Search these related articles on friendship day –

Friendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes Greeting 2018

  • “Nobel Prize
    Herold is driving down the Delhi-Amritsar highway when he spots Bhola standing in the middle of a huge field of grass. He pulls the car over to the side of the road and notices that Bhola is just standing there, doing nothing, looking at nothing.
    Herold gets out of the car, walks all the way out to Bhola and asks him, “Excuse me, what are you doing?”
    Bhola replies, “I’m trying to win a Nobel Prize.”
    “How?” asks Herolal, puzzled.
    “Well, I heard they give the Noble Prize to people who are outstanding in their field.”

Happy Friendship Day Funny Pictures for Friends

Take a Look on the Following Funny Pictures for your friend to celebrate the Friendship day with full of joy and happiness. Don’t forget to include these fantastic funny pictures of your Best Friend. Select the best one and send it to the respective person.Friendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes Greeting 2018

Happy Friendship Day Jokes For Missing Friends:

  • Kuch lines jo hum future me jarur yaad karenge:
    -Where are you?
    -Canteen chale
    -Kitna hua
    -Yaar Aaj alarm hi nai baja
    -Tu Sai h?
    -Aj bunk karle class.
    -Abe kitna padha
    -Oye kisme se padhu yaar kuch samajh hi nhi aa rha.
    -Imp. Ques. ho tu send karna.
    -Tu Xerox karwale fir mujhe de dena.
    -Hamesha me hi party du.
    -Sare pictures send kar.
    -Jaldi bol yaar balance kam hai.
    -Yaar teri frnd se meri setting kara dena.
    Happy Friendship Day
    Miss U & Love U Friends:)

Friendship Day Jokes With Sayari:

  • Jhuta tha wo Dost..!!
    Jo kehta tha Jaan bhi maango de dunga,
    Aaj woh apni girlfriend ko Jaan kehta hai,
    Aur maango to kamina gaaliya deta hai…
    Happy Friendship Day

Who Is Friend: Happy Friendship Day Jokes:

  • Send 2 ur best friends, kyuki har ek Dost zaruri hota hai
    Love is a post card,
    Life is a visiting card.
    Wife is a memory card.
    Lover is a Invitation card,
    But Friend is a ‘AADHAR’ card so keep it safe…

Friendship Day Jokes On Character:

  • A Girl’s character represents the
    character of her family.
    Where as
    A Boy’s character represents his

Dosti Happy Friendship Day Jokes:

  • Khatarnak Dosti…
    Main ghar late aaya to Dad ne poochha: “Where were you?”
    Maine kaha: “Friend ke ghar tha…”
    Dad ne mere hi saamne mere 10 friends ko call kiya.
    4 ne kaha: “Haan Uncle, yahin par tha…”
    2 ne kaha: “Abhi just nikla hai…”
    3 ne kaha: “Yahin hai Uncle, padh raha hai, phone dun kya?”
    1 ne toh hadd hi kar di, kaha: “Haan Papa bolo kya hua…!!!”
    Ab bolo “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!”
    Happy Friendship Day!!

Happy Friendship Day Funny Greeting Cards for FriendsFriendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes Greeting 2018

Take a Look on the Following Funny Greetings for your friend to celebrate the Friendship day with full of Joy and happiness. The latest collection of funny Greeting Cards for friendship day is provided for the.

Friendship Funny Sayari:

  • Arz kiya Hai…
    Bigdi Hui Zindagi ki kuchh itni si
    kahaani Hai..
    Wah.. wah..
    20% to hum bachpan se kamine
    Aur 80% kmine dosto ki meharbani Hai

Happy Friendship Day Funny Images for Friends

Take a Look on the Following Funny Images for your friend to celebrate the Friendship day with full of Joy and happiness. So Make your Friendship Day memorable ever with our Very Beautiful and funny Images.

Happy Friendship Day Jokes – Long Jokes:

  • Teachers are hot
    Parents are mineral
    Enemies are salt water.
    Lovers are cold water
    Friends are Daaru ki
    Khushi ho ya Gumm..
    De sath har Dum..
    Hit like for our Best

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Friendship Day Jokes Funny Quotes Greeting 2018

Happy Friendship Day Funny Jokes for friends

You are the sweetest friend that anyone can have. Thank you for coming into my life and making it brighter with your friendship. Hope we always stay together. Happy friendship day to you. May God bless you with a long life full of happiness and joy? Hope your each day is lovelier and most special like me so that our bond of friendship has been always strong and we continue to be the best friends. Thank you and love you a lot.

Friendship Day Jokes From 3 Idiots Movie:

  • Human Nature K Baare Me Humne
    “Dost Agar Fail Ho To Dukh Hota
    Par Dost Saala First Ae To Zyada
    Dukh Hota H”

Happy Friendship Day Funny Jokes for friends

  • I thought “U” were BUSY …..So did not want to disturb “U”. This thought is the main reason behind most broken friendship…… so keep disturbing ur friends……Happy Friendship Day…
    A friend is SWEET when it’s NEW, Its SWEETER when it’s TRUE,AND YOU KNOW, Its SWEETEST when it’s YOU. Happy Friendship Day.
    Make many friends but no best friend because they are the one who hurts you the more. Happy Friendship Day..
    Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn’t start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday. Happy Friendship Day..
    relationships are meant 2 b broken but friendship is 4ever ever …….ever …..ever …. n friendship can even turn in2 relationship but relationship can not turn in2 friendship …… Happy Friendship Day..

Friendship Day Funny Jokes

  • A Single Soul dwelling in two bodies!!Thanks for being such a special part
    of my life… That you are and always be!Happy Friendship day!!
    Friends are like shoes, some loose some tight, some fit just right, they help u as u walk through life. thanks for being my size! Happy Friendship Day…
    The one who likes you most, sometimes hurts you, but again he is the only one who feels your pain. Happy Friendship Day..
    Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth,
    but in having friend like you – a precious gift from God. Happy Friendship Day.
    Where there are friends, there is wealth.Happy Friendship Day..

Happy Friendship Day Funny Jokes

  • “A faithful friend is the medicine of life”. Happy Friendship Day.
    “Friends are like melons. Shall I tell you why? To find one good a hundred you must try.” Happy Friendship Day..
    “Friends show their love in times of trouble” Happy Friendship Day.
    There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship. Happy Friendship Day.
    Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things. Happy Friendship Day…
    Friends are the sunshine of life. Hold a true friend with both your hands. Happy Friendship Day..

Without friends, no one would choose to live. Happy Friendship Day. One Heart talk with another one is affection. one Heart live with another Heart is Love But two Hearts made like one is FRIENDSHIP…..! Happy Friendship Day.

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