Finally, The ‘Treasure Trove’ Recovered 670 Million

Elite area Large building next to the busy road. There are several abandoned rooms in the building. Nobody wants to go to those rooms. Trying to clean them was a long day.

The building is about 150 years old. There are several lockers in abandoned rooms inside. The lockers are not in anyone’s name. The three lockers were found to be worth 670 crore rupees. Saint Mark’s Road in Bangalore, India. Richards Club Borring Institute near this road in the city’s arid area.

Symbolic pictures
Symbolic pictures of Treasure in Bangalore, India

Club authorities long time embarrassed with the abandoned lockers of the club. Despite repeated notice, no member agreed to take the locker. Finally, the club authorities began to break the lockers on Friday, and the club authorities began to break. But they were shocked to break the lockers.

The badminton court broke the three lockers in the club, with a wealth of about Tk 670 crore in Bangladeshi money. These include land records, gold and diamonds, foreign currency worth four crore rupees and two crore Indian rupees. These resources are available in the lockers of 69, 71 and 78. Later, however, local real estate businessman Avinash Amarlal Kurereja claimed ownership of the property.

However, the local income tax department has still not believed in his claim. They have confiscated all the resources.

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