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People Want to Drink the Red Liquid From a Newly-opened 4,000-year-old Sarcophagus

Since the discovery of the 2,000-year-old black granite sarcophagus, many mysteries have emerged. There were even people who objected to its opening.

But the news today is that some people are asking to be allowed to drink the juice from the mummies contained in the black sarcophagus found in Egypt. What exactly is the ‘strange’ red liquid? And why do people want to drink it?

What is the strange liquid that contains the sarcophagus?

It is wastewater, which must have leaked at some point. For now, it is unknown exactly how and when it leaked. So the sewage mixed with the remains of the three skeletons.

Although no curse was unleashed, a morbid interest has been unleashed to drink that red liquid.

Why do people want to drink that liquid?

A day after the sarcophagus was opened, a petition was posted on the Change.org site entitled ” Let people drink the red liquid from the black sarcophagus “. The objective is described as follows: “We have to drink the red liquid from the black sarcophagus in the form of some kind of carbonated drink to be able to assume its powers and finally die.”

The petition until the time this article was written had more than 4,000 signatures and its new target was 5,000 signatures. It is not clear if Change.org’s request will convince the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to allow people to take part in the discovery.

New mysteries

Although we thought that the mystery was almost solved, there are many questions to discover.

Who were those three people? How long did they live? What killed them? Why were they buried in such a giant sarcophagus? And how did so much wastewater enter the sarcophagus?

A track

After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 a. C., a line of pharaohs descended from Ptolemy I, one of Alexander’s generals, ruled Egypt for centuries. Once the last pharaoh, Cleopatra VII, committed suicide in 30 a. C., the Roman Empire took over Egypt. These pharaohs were involved in numerous wars and conflicts. Now, one of the skeletons has an arrow wound in his skull which suggests that all three died in a battle.

There are still many things to learn with this new discovery that has unleashed great curiosity. What do you think?


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