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What Are the Most Common Knee Injuries and Symptoms

What Are the Most Common Knee Injuries: The knee is one of the joints of the body that can most suffer from some type of injury due to activities and its dynamic loading function. The knee is made up of the joint surfaces of the femur, tibia, and fibula, integrated by the patella, in addition to being stabilized by various ligament and capsular elements.

Most Common Knee Injuries
Most Common Knee Injuries

That is why, when a problem occurs in this joint, it can occur for different reasons, since it is a biomechanically complex joint. We also talk about magnet therapy, do you know what it is?

Not only athletes and runners suffer from this, also a normal person can perform any activity or sport, who is not used to, who exceeded the exercise, or who did not step on it while running, and then suffer an injured knee. Many of them occur in soft tissues, as in ligaments and tendons, although sometimes severe, some bone can be damaged.   In general, the causes are diverse, but here we will see the most common and common knee injuries:

1. Strain: It is when the ligaments of the knee have undergone excessive stretching, due to twisting, pulling, or pulling. The ligament can tear or break.

2. Tear: When a tendon or muscle is stretched too much. There is a partial tear of the ligament tissue, which generates a small instability of the joint. And there is also a severe or complete tear of the ligament tissue, which creates greater instability.

3. Injury or damage to the cartilage of the knee: The cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, can be affected by bumps, sudden turns, or activity overload. It is not a tissue with high healing, and if it has a rupture, surgical intervention is necessary. Also, the wear suffered by the cartilage can cause osteoarthritis.

4. A problem in the patellar or quadriceps tendon: There is an inner face pain in the knee, similar to a tendinitis. Gives pain with voluntary muscle contraction and stretching. There is also the jumper’s knee syndrome, which affects patellar tendonitis. It is considered a serious injury that may require more than 6 months of rehabilitation.

5. Lesions and pains of the ligaments: The ligaments are the ones that connect the bones to each other. There are ligaments that go outside the knee called the internal lateral ligament and lateral ligament. They support the knee, give stability and lateral mobility.

6. Lesion of the cruciate ligament:  It is located inside the ligaments inside the knee, with an inner cruciate ligament and a posterior cruciate ligament. These provide stability to the knee when moving forward and backward. These ligaments usually suffer injuries when performing contact sports, and it is considered a serious injury that may require operation and rehabilitation for 6 months.

Symptoms and causes of Most Common Knee Injuries

most common knee injuries
most common knee injuries

In almost all knee injuries, we can find ourselves with:

  • Pain.
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Instability in the joint.

Among the main causes of knee injuries are:

  • An impact on the knee or a movement that moves it out of the ordinary, such as falling into a forced position.
  • Make quick changes of direction, as in football.
  • The overweight.
  • Perform an activity in excess or running badly.
  • Some type of twisting or twisting when walking, running, or in another activity.

Treatments for knee injuries

Normally, when we have suffered a knee injury, we go to the doctor to give us a diagnosis based on radiographs, ultrasound or magnetic resonance to know the severity of the case.

The treatments depend on the type and severity of the injury, but among them are:

  • Protection of the joint.
  • Application of ice.
  • Repose.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines.
  • Compression and elevation of the knee.
  • Surgery, in severe cases.
  • Physiotherapy for rehabilitation.

Among other alternative medicines, is the magnetotherapy, which, thanks to the application of magnetic fields in the body, can make changes and biochemical and physiological reactions so that recovery is quick and pain-free. In addition, magnetotherapy is recommended because it is easy to apply, fast, without contraindications, and of general use by all types of patients with various pathologies.

Many athletes undergo magnetotherapy sessions to reduce their rehabilitation times, as well as elite athletes known as Rafa Nadal, David Villa, or Valentino Rossi. The magnetotherapy provides different types of benefits for the body, among them, exerts a relaxing, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect. This is very good when you suffer from a knee injury and you have pain because you can feel better. Also, it facilitates circulation, increases healing, and helps the regeneration of tissues, including bone.

Magnetic therapy can be found in centers and clinics specialized in the subject, as well as in others that deal with rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It is a pseudoscientific practice and discipline that deals with many kinds of physical, emotional, cellular, and physiological ailments. Its devices do not represent any type of damage to the organism, besides being painless, reducing healing times, and it is not invasive.

The magnetotherapy can also be applied at home, with its different types of machines and machines of low and high frequency, for those who wish to continue it personally. Among other things, there are also accessories for the knee, such as girdles and brackets with magnets, which continue to have effect while wearing it.

Several patients have tried this therapy and have obtained good results, as well as prolonged. If you wish to attend a session, it is better to inform yourself about the problem you are suffering from, age, and, above all, it is not recommended to attend if you suffer from hemorrhages, hypotension, viral diseases, if you have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant.

To prevent knee injuries, it is always recommended to do a workout before the sport, or warm up, as well as finish with stretching exercises. You have to try to run with proper footing, wear correct shoes for sport, and exercise frequently in daily life.

We have to be careful to prevent this kind of thing, and, above all, take care of our body as best we can.

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