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Top 7 Myths About Hair Loss | Treatment for Hair Loss Alopecia

Myths About Hair Loss: Alopecia, commonly known as baldness, is a condition that results in the fall or abnormal loss of hair. In some cases, it affects only the scalp, while in others it also attacks other hairy sets, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, the genital region or the beard.

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

Despite the strong social and psychological burden, the baldness is a common condition, which occurs more easily in men than in women.

For the most part, the causes have a hormonal basis, and also a hereditary component. It is usually a kind of message that the body sends to certain changes in the metabolism. In other cases, it occurs at a precise moment in life, which has been repeated from generation to generation.

Despite a large number of people who suffer from it and countless studies, there is still a myriad of beliefs, comments, and myths about the origins of alopecia, its causes and how they affect the subject.

Here we bring you the most common myths of alopecia.

Top 7 Myths About Hair Loss

1. Helmets are harmful to hair

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

One of the most common beliefs is that hair “drowns” with the use of hats, helmets or even hair gel.

However, the reality is that these products only have an impact on the appearance of the hair and have an aesthetic factor, which is not related to the strength or weakness of the strand, nor to alopecia.

2. Washing your hair frequently leads to your fall

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

Another of the most popular myths is to believe that the frequency of hair washing has a direct relationship with hair loss.

However, the shampoo is designed for topical use, so it can penetrate the scalp, neither to detach it from the follicle nor to strengthen it in it. Therefore, we can tell you that there is no shampoo capable of combating alopecia .

3. Haircuts help you grow

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

Here we go with a myth that is related to the fall, but with some techniques that popular culture recommends to favor the growth and maintenance of hair.

As well as the shampoo does not have any incidence on the follicle that rests under the scalp, the cut of the strand either. The fact that you cut your hair more often will not make it more resistant or stop falling.

4. Laser treatments are the best solution

Although a large number of clinics and aesthetic centers offer novel and important laser treatments, there is no scientific evidence to support this practice.

Keep in mind that baldness is not only an aesthetic problem: It is a condition that has an important biological background, so it requires the supervision and support of a certified dermatologist.

5. Stress will make you bald

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

The stress can accelerate the process of hair loss but in no case will the cause for which you’ll be bald. Baldness is something that is inherited from the mother, contrary to what one might think.

If your genes have in the genetic information that you will end up losing hair stress will not be the determining factor.

6. Wigs produce baldness

Much has been talked about whether the use of wigs causes us to end up losing hair due to the lack of transpiration of the skin.

However, this is nothing more than a myth. The truth is that the hair itself still gets its oxygen from the blood that is in the scalp. Therefore, whether or not you wear a wig will not cause your hair loss to accelerate.

7. Too much sun is a problem for the hair

Myths About Hair Loss
Myths About Hair Loss

A lot has also been said about whether sunbathing in this area can end up accelerating baldness. Nothing is further from reality.

The excess of sun does not favor hair loss. What you should do is use a product that prevents the weakening of the hair fibers and adequate sun protection.

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