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16 Commandments for the Solo Traveler | You Have Drawn Up a Small List of Tips

Commandments for the Solo Traveler: You have “go all the way to the other side of the world” on your list of resolutions for this year, but you are afraid to go from dream to reality?

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

Do not worry, we’re here.

To guide you in your preparations, you have drawn up a small list of tips.

To repeat like a mantra until the day of the great departure!

16 Commandments for the Solo Traveler a small list of tips

1. The journey of YOUR dreams, you will do.

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

Far, not far. In youth hostel or all-inclusive hotel. There is no contest for the best solo trip. Go wherever you want (as long as it’s safer than North Korea).

2. The fear (or jealousy) of others, you will ignore. 

You already manage your own doubts. Listen to the wise advice, but leave the rest.

3. Travel insurance, you will contract. 

Why – but why – risk ruining medical expenses abroad?

4. At your own pace, you will discover.

Want to spend the day strolling to the hostel rather than visiting the city? Nobody can stop you. Neither judge you.

5. Your backpack of 12 tons, you will regret.

Traveling light is really nice.

6. Prudent, always, you will remain. 

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

No one is safe from the blows of fate, but if we choose well its destination, if we inquire before leaving and if we listen to the advice of the people of the place, we put all the chances on his side.

7. Your instinct, you will listen.

If you do not feel it, do not do it. When traveling, especially all alone, our little inner voice is often a very good ally.

8. Your unsuspected resourcefulness, you will exploit. 

Find his way in a souk, negotiate in Hungarian, repair his sandals with duct tape … With no one but yourself to get you out of trouble or help you in the little things of everyday life, you will discover talents hidden.

9. Less stupid at night, you’ll lie down.

Always. Because you will learn many little things about the world and about yourself.

10. Bedbugs, you will survive.

And the cockroaches too.

11. Humility, you will learn.

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

We inevitably make mistakes when we travel to a foreign country. But if you’re not worth a laugh (or a little insulted host), you’re not worth much!

12. Your limits, you will push back. 

You will do things that you thought were above your strength. Like flying alone or crossing the street in New Delhi in one piece.

13. Thy “yourself”, you will tame. 

Finding yourself face to face can be scary. But you will not have a choice.

14. Magic encounters, you will do.

This is true for all trips, but when you go solo, you often tend to be more open to people who cross our path.

15. Tons of anecdotes, you’ll bring back.

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

The time you lost yourself in Hong Kong, this party too intense in Berlin, this night spent under the stars in the desert … You will have something to drool until your 99 years!

16. Your trust in you, you will increase.  

When you think of all your adventures, you will be proud of yourself.

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