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The 10 Upcoming Most Anticipated Movie

Most Anticipated Movie: The 10 most anticipated films of. Quentin Tarantino, Jordan Peele, Jim Jarmush, Martin Scorsese, among others. 2019 will be a year full of quality cinematographic experiences.

We live great times for the cinema. Today, a filmmaker from South Korea can almost immediately access the work of an Argentinean filmmaker, learn from him and use similar techniques in his work. The competition between international markets forces the seventh art to filter its best works; and film directors have the option of being up-to-date with all the relevant film events globally. There is no environment more prone to progress and innovation .

Most Anticipated Movie 2019
Most Anticipated Movie

The 10 Upcoming Most Anticipated Movie

Now we are lucky to enjoy many excellent films year after year. Several have been released, or are about to premiere in the two thousand and eighteen; But this article deals with anticipation . As happened in the year two thousand and nine, many excellent filmmakers coincided in their agendas and premiered a considerable group of outstanding films. The two thousand nineteen points for the same target, that is why we present the ten most anticipated by the public below.

10. The Dead Do not Die – Most Anticipated Movie

The Dead Do not Die - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Jim Jarmush is one of the most revolutionary directors of his generation. He was the most important pioneer of American independent cinema at the beginning of the century and his presence is never lacking in the most prestigious international festivals.

With Only Lovers Left Alive , he injected fresh blood into the genre of vampire movies. Now he plans to do the same but with the zombie tapes . It will feature the interpretations of Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Tilda Swinton and Steve Buscemi .

It’s hard to think of a more creative director than Jim Jarmush. Each of his films has novel attributes both narratively and cinematographically . There is no doubt that if someone can revive the already worn genre of zombie movies, it is him.

9. Jojo Rabit – Most Anticipated Movie

Jojo Rabit - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Taika Waititi is responsible for directing Thor Ragnarok and What We Do In the Shadows , two films that on the surface seem quite different, but in reality have the same root and essence. The style of the director is palpable, his rule number one is that the jokes never stop .

In the two thousand and nineteen will debut Jojo Rabbit , a film about a boy experiencing the Second World War that has Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friend , historical character which will be played by the same Taika Waititi.

It looks like a black comedy of the most fun . Accompanying Waititi will be Scarlett Johansson, Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen (fans of Game of Thrones will surely recognize this last name).

8. The Irishman – Most Anticipated Movie

The Irishman - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Three years after his last film, Martin Scorsese offers us a new installment of the genre that made him famous, the mafia movies . Gather all your old acquaintances: Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. To tell the story of the man who murdered Jimmy Hoffa , a union leader who got too involved with the mafia.

With a budget of one hundred and twenty five million dollars and with the enormous influx of talent that has, the film is a candidate to become an instant classic at the time of its release .

Netflix has been responsible for producing the film after the uncertainty generated among the film studios due to the high cost of the film. The streaming service seeks to establish itself as a respectable film producer for some time , The Irishman can be the key to achieve it once and for all.

7. Us – Most Anticipated Movie

Us - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

After winning the Oscar for best original script, it was only a matter of time before Jordan Peele returned to direct a film . Us will be released on the fifteenth of March two thousand nineteen.

The plot has not yet been revealed, only that it is a “social horror thriller” , which automatically makes us think of the intriguing Get Out . The cast includes Elisabeth Moss and Lupita Nyong’o. With the interest of the audience renewed and with a little more budget, it will be intriguing to see what Jordan Peele is capable of with his new film.

6. The Lego Movie 2 – Most Anticipated Movie

The Lego Movie surprised the vast majority of the audience. Almost everyone thought that the movie was going to be a big commercial, a pathetic excuse to sell a product effectively through the cinema . However, the tape ended up being of great quality. Much in the style of Deadpool, he made fun of all the clichés of the stories in which a chosen one appears to save the day.

Apparently this was the plan from the beginning. Before the premiere of the first installment they were already writing the sequel . The plot would be a direct continuation of The Lego Movie ; apparently the world was destroyed in the Mad Max style after the tragic events at the end of the film. If they manage to keep the tone of the original, it’s safe to say that the sequel will be quite fun .

5. Avengers 4 – Most Anticipated Movie

Avengers 4 - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Make no mistake, we all know that none of the heroes who “died” in Infinity War are actually dead. Each of these characters are worth millions of dollars to Disney, it would be absurd to get rid of them for narrative or artistic reasons . Somehow or another they will come back to save the day one more time.

However, this does not alijera the anxiety that causes us to have to wait for several months for the premiere of the next installment of the Avengers . The fun is the way, not the destination. Therefore, even if we know roughly where the franchise is going, the important thing is to see how they will do it. We can only wait for the premiere of Captain Marvel to know what role she will play in the next film, if not Thanos also annihilated it.

4. Glass – Most Anticipated Movie

M. Night Shyamalan took sixteen years to produce the sequel to Unbreakable , released in the year two thousand. Such a film offers a different perspective on the genre of superheroes, making the characters more human but, at the same time, keeping the narrative in a comic style .

Glass - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Split was an important step. Presented as a psychological thriller, ended up being a kind of history of origin of two new characters that will be key in the new installment of the franchise : Kevin Wendell Crumb and Casey Cooke.

The most interesting thing that Glass presents is the interaction between Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy. His characters are fascinating subjects, with extraordinary abilities that could easily come into conflict . Predicting the quality of Shyamalan’s films is equivalent to flipping a coin, hopefully this time he will succeed.

3. It: chapter 2 – Most Anticipated Movie

seemed a rather difficult novel to adapt to the cinema. The constant jumps in time and the intertwined narratives were a challenge for any filmmaker . Its director, Andrés Muschietti, found a way to make this feasible, sharply separating the childhood from adulthood and eliminating points from the plot that were not necessary, nor would they look good on the screen.

It: chapter 2 - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

The second chapter has the potential to be the perfect complement to the first installment. The selected cast is full of excellent actors, the plot will provide the necessary background to understand the origin of Pennywise and the way to defeat it forever and will have the masterful direction of Muschietti ; which can boast of having been the artist responsible for the highest grossing horror film of all time. There are countless reasons to believe that It: chapter 2 will be just as good or even better than the first chapter.

2. Star Wars: Episode IX – Most Anticipated Movie

Star Wars Episode IX - Most Anticipated Movie 2019

Star Wars is a franchise that has been renewed over time. The metric that can help us to determine its ability to adapt to new historical contexts is to observe the reactions of children who contemplate this new trilogy. The Star Wars obsession of today’s infants will probably be born from episodes seven, eight and nine, not the original trilogy, nor the prequels .

The Last Jedi , despite its many shortcomings, has proven to be a solid delivery of the franchise. Full of epic moments, worthy of the canon, and memorable sequences that will be marked forever in popular culture .

JJ Abrams is once again in charge of following Lucas’ legacy. Rian Johnson decided to alter many things of the original vision of the director of The Force Awakens , contributing a rebellious tone to The Last Jedi . For episode nine we can expect a much more conservative film, with the aim of pleasing everyone . Whatever happens, the anticipation for the film that will close the new trilogy is overwhelming.

1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Most Anticipated Movie

The creativity of Quentin Tarantino is inexhaustible. Gangsters, Nazis or cowboys, the superficial is not of much importance, the juicy style of the American will always be present, becoming one of the most recognizable .

So it’s no surprise that, for many people, the most anticipated film of the two thousand and nineteen is Once Upon a Time In Hollywood . The plot will revolve around the horrible murders committed by the infamous Manson Family in nineteen sixty-nine.

As has always been his habit, Tarantino has chosen a cast full of stars: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, among others . The pair of citations below encapsulates very well why this film deserves to motivate the highest levels of anxiety.

For his part Quentin Tarantino said: “This movie is going to be probably the closest thing I’ve done to Pulp Fiction .” Leonardo DiCaprio has also made interesting statements about the upcoming film: “It’s hard to talk about a movie we have not done yet, but I’m very nervous about working with Brad Pitt, I’m a big fan of Hollywood classics like Singing in the Rain and, As a native of Los Angeles, I can say it’s one of the most incredible scripts I’ve read, we’re going to do our best to make it fantastic. ”

The film will hit theaters on August 9, .

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