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Weekend Box Office USA (13-15 July): More Hotel Than Skyscraper

Weekend Box Office USA (13-15 July)Weekend Box Office USA (13-15 July): ‘ Hotel Transylvania 3: A monstrous vacation ‘ beats him hand in hand with ‘ The skyscraper ‘ and positions himself as the new leader of the North American (and Spanish) box office. Something that makes raising something more than 44 million (always) dollars, which puts it in between what they raised at the time ‘Hotel Transilvania’ and ‘Hotel Transilvania 2’.

For its part, the last (and poor) adventure of Dwayne Johnson is worth 10 million less than what was collected by ‘Rampage Project’ in its premiere last April, a somewhat discrete result for a production of more than 100 million budget. Nor is it much more than what ‘Baywatch: The Beach Watchers’ collected, since, as happened with this one, we can not expect there to be … a sequel, in the absence of knowing what will happen to her in … China.

Between both of them is ‘ Ant-Man and the Wasp ‘ after dropping more than 60%, practically the sharpest drop of the top 20 and something that moves it away from its goal of overcoming the 200 million barriers (only in the United States). United), but now it is not clear whether or not it will exceed the records of the first delivery.

Among the other titles in the attached image, highlight the increase of almost 500% of ‘ Sorry to Bother You ‘ after expanding from 16 to 805 cinemas, that if. A new small success for Annapurna Pictures.

Among the other titles outside the attached image, highlight the 83,000 dollars and peak that has raised ‘ Do not worry, will not go far on foot ‘ in 4 cinemas. A good figure overshadowed to be a third of the 252,000 and peak dollars raised by ‘ Eighth Grade ‘ in four other cinemas. A new small success for A24.

Weekend Box Office USA (13-15 July)


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