Home Money Insurance Insurance for Taxis and Regular Car Insurance: What Are They for?

Insurance for Taxis and Regular Car Insurance: What Are They for?

Insurance for Taxis: Taxi insurances: differences and characteristics that you should take into account

One of the sectors that most need an insurance that covers their backs is that of taxi drivers, since many of them are self-employed and their taxi depends on their income to live. In addition, one of the main concerns of these professionals is that, during the duration of the trip, the safety of the passengers is in their hands. Therefore, to be well protected, there are numerous insurances that can be contracted.

Differences between Insurance for Taxis and regular car insurance

The taxi, that is, the work tool , is what allows the professional in question to take money home and get ahead, therefore, many are the professionals who choose to hire a complete taxi insurance that protects the interested party against any eventuality that arises during the development of his workday.

In addition to covering the vehicle against breakdowns, glass breakage, theft, fire, roadside assistance and carnet withdrawal, it also covers possible damages that the passenger may suffer during the journey.

The differences between a taxi insurance and a normal vehicle policy reside in the specific characteristics with respect to the safety of the passengers . That is, in addition to covering the vehicle against breakdowns, glass breaks, theft, fire, roadside assistance, carnet withdrawal, etc. It also covers possible damages that the passenger may suffer during the journey.

Taxi policies, in addition, tend to be more expensive than the usual policies , since these cars spend many hours a day on the road and, therefore, are more exposed to damage in accidents.

In other words: the risk for these vehicles is much greater . For this reason, even Compulsory Civil Liability, which must have any vehicle as indicated by the Law, has a higher premium.

Insurance for Taxis
Insurance for Taxis

Features to keep in mind when choosing our taxi policy

If we are going to hire an insurance for our taxi, the first thing we have to be very clear about are the characteristics of our car, since it will not be the same to insure a Renault as a BMW, or it will not be the same to insure a 7-seater car that one of 5. In addition, we have to think what coverages we will choose to protect our passengers.

The third of the most important factors is our profile as a driver. The years that we have, the seniority of the card, the points we have lost, the number of parties that we have given last year, the accident history, etc. will mark a very important part of the final price of our insurance.

Companies that insure the taxi sector

Insurance for Taxis
Insurance for Taxis

Not all insurers in the market contemplate the option of insuring taxis. Here are some of the companies that offer these products:


It is one of the reference companies in the insurance sector (first multinational insurance group in Latin America and are among the top 10 insurers in Europe). It has different types of taxi policies: the basic formula covers taxi damage in general, theft and third-party liability for damages. You also have the possibility of hiring cheaper insurance in which, if the vehicle needs a repair you will have to pay it out of your pocket.


Another large company that offers its customers an exclusive insurance for taxis in which the coverages are similar to those mentioned for MAPFRE

MMT Insurance

MMT Seguros offers a great insurance for taxi drivers in which you can customize your policy to your liking including the coverages that best suit your needs. It should be noted that the name of this company is due to its origins in the insurance sector of the taxi (Mutua Madrilena del Taxi), although currently its activity goes far beyond this industry.


The Allianz insurance for taxis cover both material damage and total theft and civil liability in damages to third parties, but then we can extend our policy with other coverages such as, for example, our own damages.

Due to its special characteristics and the greater risk of accidents, not all company companies insure taxis.

These are just some examples of the companies that operate in the taxi insurance sector, but there are many others that also offer this type of products. To find the policy that best suits our situation, it is best to compare all available options. you will be able to compare the options of the best companies in the Spanish market to save on the insurance of your vehicle and find your ideal insurance.

Special insurance for special vehicles

Insurance for Taxis
Insurance for Taxis

The insurance for taxis are finally, almost a carbon copy of the policies that protect normal cars. Third parties, Extended Third Parties, All Risk with and without Franchise … are the typical products of the taxis and that coincide with those of the usual cars.

Now, it is true that due to its special characteristics and the greater risk of accidents and accidents that we have talked about before, there are companies that do not insure these vehicles. Therefore, special insurance is required for special cars, with different prices and some additional coverages that protect taxi drivers and their work tool completely.

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