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Insurance for Vans – (Features, Modalities, Price, Multi Risk)

Insurance for Vans : Find out which are the best policies for this type of vehicle and what conditions they should meet to protect you

Vans, like any other vehicle that circulates on the public highway, are obliged to have insurance at least to third parties. But did you know that not all companies Insurance this type of vehicle? If you use insurance comparator you will have a very clear idea of which companies offer insurance among more than 30 analyzed insurers and you will be able to choose not only the best price, but the one that offers the protection and tranquility you are looking for when Your work depends on your vehicle.

Insurance for Vans
Insurance for Vans

Features of Insurance for Vans

When it comes to securing a van, we talk about an extra demand for safety: it is not just a vehicle, it is a vehicle normally intended for professional use, so it is essential to have the backing of the insurer at all times and that our work not be interrupted by any issue derived from the car: a loss, a breakdown, a management … But for the company, it assumes an extra risk, precisely because of the use to which the car is destined. The frequency of use is one of the factors that determine the price of the premium or, even, that there are companies that do not directly insure commercial vehicles.

First of all, the response capacity of the company prevails and this begins by making sure that we hire the necessary coverages. A van insurance is an insurance like any other, only when it is intended for professional use it is managed as a company vehicle and not as a private vehicle.

A van insurance is an insurance like any other, only when it is intended for professional use it is managed as a company vehicle and not as a private vehicle.

It is a multi-risk insurance, which contemplates a whole series of assumptions; Depending on the particular conditions of each company, the insured may choose the benefits that it includes. In any case, you must offer us the usual benefits that we have in each type of policy, just like the rest of the vehicles. The difference is that a van driver can not afford not to have your vehicle at any time, hence some coverages are essential, such as the replacement vehicle or technical assistance and that these are normally offered without limitations.

Modalities of Insurance for Vans

The insurance sector offers the same policy modalities for a van as for a car, although insurance for third parties with moons is excluded from the list in most companies, leaving the coverage of moons for third party insurance extended.

Van insurance to third parties: it is the basic insurance, which includes civil liability against third parties and legal defense and allows us to circulate with the insurer will be responsible for any damage we may cause to a third party.

Insurance of vans to third parties with moons: adds the coverage of moons to third parties. In case of windshield breakage, rear window or side windows, the company is responsible for labor and replacement costs, but beware: some exclude the sunroof in its fine print.

Extended van insurance for third parties: in general, it is the intermediate option between minimum insurance and full-risk insurance, with a much lower cost. Offers protection in case of glass breakage or theft or fire. Ideally, offer other optional features, such as the replacement vehicle or technical assistance, as in the case of professional vehicles, these services are essential, so we must compare the offers to ensure they include them without increasing the cost. price.

Van insurance for all risks: in this modality, the coverage of own damages is added to everything contemplated in the rest of the policies. But in the case of the professional vehicle, the insured will also require the company to back him up in case he loses the points and the card is withdrawn.

Insurance for Vans
Insurance for Vans

Coverages needed for a professional vehicle

If we are looking for van insurance we must be very rigorous with certain coverages to which we can sometimes not pay as much attention in a private car insurance . Some can be considered as extras or unnecessary for a car, but they become essential when the insured spends several hours a day driving a van and their work depends on it.

Civil liability and legal defense: at this point it is important to review what limitations are established in this respect in terms of the amount that the company lends in expenses derived from lawsuits (legal representation, presentation of writs, administrative costs …), since in the liability case amounts do not vary from one company to another (€ 70 million for physical damage and € 15 million to cover material damage).

If we are looking for van insurance we must be very rigorous with certain coverages to which we can sometimes not pay as much attention in a private car insurance.

Moons breaking:  despite the fact that the frequency of the moons is the lowest, we can not ignore that the longer the vehicle passes, the more likely it is to have a mishap. A delivery van, for example, can spend eight hours circulating and parks on the street, exposing itself to a continuous risk.

Theft: the company offers compensation in case of theft, very necessary when we can not do without our car and we have to face that expense. Serial accessories may or may not be included and, in some cases, it may be essential that the warranty extends to what we transport.

Travel assistance: essential in the case of a vehicle that makes numerous daily trips and that can not be stopped at any time by a breakdown, lack of fuel or a puncture.

Replacement vehicle: if we use the car only for occasional trips we can allow ourselves to do without it while it is in the workshop. If it is essential for us to be able to work, we can not give up having a replacement vehicle by the company. Some add extras such as pick up and return at home.

Insurance of the driver:  in case of suffering own damages without having a third party involved (and the possibilities are greater the longer we spend on the road), the insurer takes charge (although it will put a limit on the amount) of the derived costs.

Insurance for Vans
Insurance for Vans

Withdrawal of a carnet: having a subsidy in case of carnet withdrawal is something that the drivers of a company vehicle like a van consider basic, since their car is, indirectly, their source of income: if they can not drive, they can not to work. In these cases the company provides a subsidy to compensate the loss of income and can also subsidize the points recovery courses.

Repair loan: it is a good option with which to complete a third party insurance or extended third party insurance, in which the company does not take care of the damages themselves. Counting on this coverage the insurer covers the expenses of the workshop immediately, but allowing us to return it later. At this point it is essential to be clear about the conditions under which the loan is made.

Multi-risk insurance for vans

The insurance of vehicles intended for professional use contemplate different risks, that is why they enter the modality of multi-risk. That is, it is an open policy, which we can configure by adding the coverages that we consider necessary for each case.  

Multi-risk policies are also offered without options, such as a set of coverages and services that the insured can contract but without the possibility of adapting them to each specific case. That is, as a policy of similar characteristics to that of a particular vehicle.

Price of van insurance

At the time of contracting our policy, logically we want to get a cheap van insurance. The first thing that must be taken into account is that this may vary between the different companies, and according to different risk variables that can make the final price more expensive or cheaper . Such as the age of the driver, his experience or the accident history, together with other factors that also influence the cost of insurance for our van, such as the city of residence or our profession.

With the comparator you can find in just 3 minutes the best and most competitive van insurance adapted to your needs.

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