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The 7 PUBG Alternatives to Play – Best Battle Royale Games

PUBG Alternatives: Alternatives to PUBG for Windows The 7 PUBG Alternatives Best Battle Royale Games. There is no doubt that PUBG has become a mass phenomenon within the gamer community. In this article, we will see some alternatives with battle royale mode.

PUBG Alternatives Best Battle Royale Games

Talking about Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG vs Fortnite is to do it with a title that, in certain aspects, has revolutionized the shooter as a genre. This has been due in large part to the inclusion of battle royale mode , which has given the game and its developers tremendous success. However, they have not been the first to do so, since there are titles prior to 2012 that already included this type of combat (which for some reason did not finish). And how could it be otherwise, when PUBG appeared on the map with a game mode that has turned everything upside down, imitators had to emerge.

Before continuing, it would be useful to clarify something. That battle royale may sound like something. For example, a manga and a Japanese movie with the same name. Moreover, in the film, you could see the famous Takeshi Kitano among the cast.

Well, the premise of the battle royale of PUBG is exactly the same as that of the movies. The user appears on the battlefield with the other players and will have to try to survive at any price.

The Issue of Survival Involves Several Conditions :

  • Small teams, not many players.
  • Everyone starts with a minimal team, which can be improved by exploring or finishing with other players.
  • Each player starts at random places on the map, which is also generated randomly.

The winner of the game is the last player left after eliminating all of his opponents.

Now suppose that PUBG is not the game you were looking for. What can you do? In this article, we are going to give you a series of ideas so that you can find other titles that fit more with what you want to find.

The Competition of Pubg: Shooting and Survival for All

The PC gaming market is full of shooters to fill the deadlines of our time, but not all are like PUBG or approach you in the least. It would be very easy to put here a list of FPS with which to fill space, but what we want is to offer an experience as faithful as possible to the original game.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale, the Most Direct Rival

After PUBG reached the top, as we said before, there were those who rushed to get in the car trying to capitalize with their own version of the success of Battlegrounds. Epic Games did it with Fortnite and the movement has not been at all wrong.

PUBG Alternatives Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is the expansion of the title that gives the battle royale mode, being able to work with the complete game installed or independently. This package is free-to-play , while the game Fortnite is paid (for now, since according to the developer will be free sometime this year).

This expansion of Fortnite is one of the most refined alternatives to PUBG, with a class system that grants each one’s own skills and an assortment of weapons so broad that it makes North Korea’s nuclear arsenal look childish.

2. GTA V – Smuggler’s Run, Welcome to the Motor Wars

Smuggler’s Run is a free pack for GTA V that expands its already great online world. In him they come included a good number of ways, between which (and for what interests us) we can emphasize one known like Motor Wars , with which the battle royale also arrive at GTA V.

PUBG Alternatives Gta V

How does it work? Very easy. There are four teams of five players, who jump from an airplane to a part of the map of the game. This area incorporates safe zones that are reduced to the PUBG style, data that you should keep in mind while playing.

If you want to bring the experience of Battlegrounds to your GTA is not a bad option at all, and if you want something other than PUBG in a family environment such as the city of Los Santos it is worth giving it a chance.

3. Last Man Standing, a Good Introduction to the Battle Royale

Suppose you have never played a battle royale title. You may want to do it, but do not you dare buy one of these games in case you do not like the experience. Do not worry, we have you covered. With this free-to-play called Last Man Standing you can do it without necessarily having to scratch your pocket.

PUBG Alternatives Last Man Standing

Maybe this game lacks the visual appeal of other colleagues of yours that we will see in this list, but what can not be denied is that with something free you can not argue. It can be a good substitute for PUBG for the users who have the shortest funds, it is entertaining and it serves to give an idea of what battle royale games are to those who do not know them.

As peculiarities of Last Man Standing we can emphasize that the maps are relatively small and the combat zones are at their center , which concentrates the action a lot. Also, as you inflict (and receive) damage, the more you will get away from the safe areas.

4. Ark – Survival of the Fittest, Battle Royale Arrives at “Survival Evolved”

ARK: Survival of the Fittest is an expansion pack added to ARK: Survival Evolved before it left the early access stage , a modern practice that is plaguing today’s videogames, although that reflection is already for another article.

PUBG Alternatives Ark - Survival of the Fittest

The addition of the battle royale to ARK is not so much to change the genre of the game, as to favor the confrontation between players. There are well-defined danger zones scattered throughout the virtual world designed to create combat situations, which is just where the new gameplay makes sense.

Although if yours is not the PvP, then ARK has plenty of content to keep you entertained : from the creation of your character, to get materials, to create an acceptable refuge and not starve yourself, the game is an experience for the most adventurers

5. Rust, of the Most Veterans in the Battle Royale

You could think of Rust as a multiplayer FPS similar to ARK, but without the possibility of taming dinosaurs. That said, it’s worth mentioning that this title has been around for years with dedicated battle royaleservers, long before the appearance of PUBG. Now, the rules that govern these maps differ from those of Battlegrounds.

PUBG Alternatives Rust, of the Most Veterans in the Battle Royale

To begin with, you do not parachute to the map, but you and your starting companions appear in it with minimal equipment. The different weapons and armor can be found in buildings that are located towards the center of each map, with safe areas that will shrink.

To put it another way, an invisible ring will be created that delimits the combat zone from which in the end you will not be able to leave if you do not want to suffer damages. This ring will be concentrated around the center of the map so that combat is favored above all.

6. H1z1, Battle Royale With a Warning

H1Z1 is posed as a third-person survival title in a post-apocalyptic world, where zombies have devoured almost all of humanity. So far, nothing that differentiates it from other similar games like DayZ. Now, the video game that concerns us has a mode called “Battle Royale”.

PUBG Alternatives The Culling, massacre and an all-in-one plot

In this mode, we will have the same mechanics as in the survival mode, only with the obligatory safe zone that shrinks. That is, we can collect objects with which to make weapons and healing elements as we play, while we beat the copper with other players.

Now well: this game is in early access. This means that during your games you are likely to encounter bugs, glitches, some graphics deficiencies, and occasional crashes. This can be extremely frustrating, so if you decide on this title we recommend that you arm yourself with patience.

7. The Culling, massacre and an all-in-one plot

We used to talk about the Japanese movie Battle Royale. At the time of selling the argument that a group of students is taken by the Japanese government to a secluded island to kill each other in less than 72 hours, a good plot is needed. Since it is a Japanese cinema, it can be assumed that it is bizarre and twisted, because it is.

PUBG Alternatives  The Culling, massacre and an all-in-one plot

Something like that happens with The Culling. Do you need a justification for a group of people to parachute on a piece of land and shoot themselves? This game has it: the characters are participants in a kind of “hunger games“, with a wide selection of weapons and combat equipment.


In each combat, points are awarded, which are used to improve the player’s avatar. This avatar also has extensive customization options, which can be a plus when deciding on it.

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